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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Workout for 8-3-10 BOOTCAMP!

So like I said, I wanted to start a workout diary on here for myself and to help motivate others. I just now finished the Bootcamp workout by Cathe. Here are the details for it:

Boot Camp Boot Camp......Hang on to your hats because there is literally not a minute to waste in this head to toe fitness workout. With every 60 seconds that tick by, you'll be jumping, pumping, pushing, and crunching your way to a fitter you. We won't promise any fancy military talk here, but we will promise a fancy military press ....did somebody say "terminators", yikes! Load up, lace up, and let's go! Equipment needed: a 14 inch tall bench, a barbell, various weighted dumbbells, and a medicine ball (we will use an 8 pound medicine ball) PreMix Combos: We've included 8 Premix Combos with this workout, including: 1) Cardio Only 2) Core Only 3) Kickbox Only 4) Upper Body Only 5) Lower Body Only 6) Lower and Upper Body Only 7) Cardio and Lower Body Only 8) Everything but core.
Boot Camp Format: warm-up (5 1/2 min.), eight cycles of cardio, lower body, upper body, core (51 min.), stretch (1 1/2 min.) Total = 58 min. 

Preview of video:

Honestly, I haven't done this one in a long while. It totally kicked my butt. I drank two tall glasses of water and was sweating like a pig! I can tell I would have done better if I slept better last night and if I ate more high energy food to prepare myself. However, I feel so much better doing it all the way through without quitting early. I got a second wind around the 5th cycle (there are 8 total) so that really helped me finish without feeling overly exhausted. My husband did it with me too and oh my he's whiney! He's a hardcore rock climber, mountain biker and hiker but when it comes to Cathe, his wuss gland gets all swollen and he calls her names during the workouts. Which is funny. But trust me, I have days where I also yell at the TV from the pain. But it's sooo worth it. :-)

Anyone else workout today or do anything active? Walking, dancing, cleaning house and yes, sex is exercise too! Anything that gets your heart rate up and burns calories is good for you and it all counts for something IMO.



  1. Exercise is awsome~ I have to admit tho, I'm kind of a whimp. ;p I don't do "hardcore" exercise. But, I looove going for walks when it's not too hot, and swimming when it is hot. I also started doing a few yoga/stretches everyday. I really enjoy it.

  2. Ha, sex is the only exercise I get apart from running up and down the stairs at work. I have a crappy rota at work so exercisng atm is hard for me. I used to dance aaaaall the time and I want my calves back!

  3. I've never seen this workout. I'll have to look into it. Used to do a Boot Camp in my town where the guy led us around likea bunch of morons doing all these weird moves out in the street. LOL It was fun and effective. I am partial to the sex as exercise though. :)

  4. Been doing some cleaning and a bit of walking, but I really need to do more. Walking is currently the only exercise I get but I evidently don't do enough of it compared to how much I eat! =P

  5. I didn't do anything really, yesterday - but today is shred day for definite. I'm going to get the Cathe dvds recommended for beginners, and am thinking about hitting up the boot camp one when I'm done with the shred. Fun times. Sometimes.

  6. OMGosh I don't know that I'd be able to do that one. I'm in the process of doing the 30-Day Shred and that's hard enough for me. I'd be on the floor crying if I tried this one!!

  7. How interesting and helpful post, thank you!!!! It would be also soooo interesting to hear about your diet! :) You look so healthy and glowing, and I think that what we eat is essential to what we are... So if you had interest to do that, I would be more than happy to read :)

    Great blog you got, I found it only recently and this is actually my first comment! Thank you so much for keeping it! It gives me a lot of inspiration and positive energy as well!! :)


  8. Yay! Thanks for sharing workout stuff with us! I had a hard day at work...must have hiked 6 miles out in the woods. I always feel great at the end of the day when I've got that much exercise!

  9. I wish I could say I had sexercise today...

  10. Hi long time reader, first time poster!

    I did P90X for about two weeks before my schedule got too hectic and it is amaaazing! I plan on starting up again once school starts. It's so intense and I saw results in the short time I did it.

    I also love Jillian. I suggest if you try her dvds, start with 30 day shred. She works in strength and cardio into a 20 minute workout but when you're done your whole body feels like jello!

    I like that you talk about fitness here and would love to see more of it on your blog. I think you have a great body and you've been inspiring me to want to get back into working out. Thanks!

  11. Ponpon,
    Walking, swimming and yoga/stretching is really good for you too!

    Sex is totally exercise and many people lose weight from it. That is if you try to go longer than 30 minutes and be as "playful" as possible. :-D

    Betty Ray,
    That sounds fun and sort of silly. Seems like a great bootcamp workout but being led around outside would be distracting to me. Weee sexercise!

    Being active in just walking is the first step. You can either decide to makeup for the difference by cutting back on food or change the type of food you eat, and/or or exercise more to compensate for what you eat.

    Working out can be fun but it's also quite evil if you're tired or not feeling up to it. Keep up the good work lady!

    Megan Harmeyer,
    Hee hee. It is not easy, it totally kicks my but. I just looked up the 30 day shred. Looks really tough too but half the time of what I'm used to doing.

    You are welcome! Sure, I'll do a post on my diet since you're interested. I agree you are what you eat and it's important to eat healthy. Thanks for commenting!

    The Peach,
    Awesome! Having a job that makes you workout is so great! What do you do for a living?

    That's OK. :-) If you want to exercise, you know you can always plan to do it when you have time.

    I've seen the commercials for P90X and have seen some of the transformations on youtube. Pretty cool! Did you keep track of your results by writing them down or taking pictures? It's always nice to see other people's progress.

    I looked into the 30 day shred and can tell it's not for me. I will explain why in my next post. But the main thing is, when I do strength training and cardio DVD's, I don't workout for less than an hour and the 30 day shred is only 27 mins. So it would be like taking a step backward since I already do similar intense workouts but for more than twice as long.
    I hope that makes sense. :-)
    Jillian has some other DVD's that I'm interested in trying that are an hour that would better suit my fitness level and needed challenge level.
    I'm very glad you enjoyed the post. I will keep doing them from now on since many seem interested. :-)