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Friday, August 27, 2010

Exercise for 8-26-10 Biking

Originally I was planning on doing weights for a workout but I really wanted to get out of the house as did my hubby. We live in Colorado near TONS of walking/biking trails. So we hopped on our bikes and road for around 45 minutes for 7.5 miles on medium trails. The path I chose was fairly rugged terrain with a few steep inclines and many bumps.  We had some serious butt/thigh burning going on. It felt so good but I also had a headache so the bumps made it much worse for a while and then it went away.
The trail also had some wild life like bunnies, prairie dogs, other little rodents and a cow. I started laughing when I saw the cow because he clearly got out of his fenced in area some how.  So I started yelling "MOOO!" at him as we road past and he actually turned around and looked at us. Jason said, "Stop it! He'll chase after us!". Hee hee. Well even if he didn't think it was funny, I did. Cuz I'm a dork like that. :-)


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  1. Girl!!! I live in Colorado too! In boulder actually. I found your blog while looking for fyrinnae swatches and have become a follower because I love the creative looks you come up with. If you ever wanna meet up with a fellow makeup addict I am totally down. I don't have a lot of friends in the area, as i am not from here and have a lil baby.