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Thursday, August 5, 2010

RANT update: Apparently hell froze over...

...because eBay went in her favor. Why? No clue. Here's their response:

I figured this would be the case. eBay doesn't give a crap about sellers. They cater to buyers all the time. Sellers aren't even allowed to leave neutral or negative feedback for buyers. Even if they are committing fraud. WTF? Not only did I give them all the emails, but my reporting her for harassing me and calling me names, did nothing. I bet she was just emailed a warning and that's the end of it.

Crazy lady also must be coming back to check up on me as she followed up on her feedback she left, "warning" my customers to run.

You can see it here:

Ha! How is it a red flag to be concerned about poor feedback? All eBay sellers are concerned about it and no one wants to have poor feedback, so naturally it's a concern. It's like she's trying to insinuate that I'm a bad seller because I don't want poor feedback. Huh? No, I want my buyers to be happy and I don't want poor feedback because it hurts my power seller rating. Duh. And if I was such a bad seller, I would not even be a power seller. But I am! So she's just making herself look as stupid as she probably is. Sorry, I'm not being nice about it anymore. She can suck my butt.

So the only thing I could think of to do in regards to her idiotic follow-up was to reply to to them through other comments around it so people can see she's psycho. She's totally crazy if she thinks she can run off my buyers with her tantrum. Again, she's still just pissed because I blocked her. Whatever.

You can see I accidentally hit enter before I was finished with one. Dang it! At least I can admit when I screw up and laugh at myself. I was just in a rush to post the replies. XD

Here's another of my replies below her negs:
She is seriously nutso. It took a lot of strength for me to not call her a 'brain dead ass clown' in the replies. That's my term for someone is clearly dumb and acts like an ass. Feel free to use it! :-D

Oh, and I harassed the crap outta some eBay customer support person on live chat. I have the transcript but didn't want to post it unless people were interested in reading their lame excuses for helping buyers commit fraud. Totally lame.



  1. Ya know, I was so hoping this wouldn't go her way after I read your initial post, BUT, as a previous ebayer who left for just this reason, I'm not surprised. Sorry for you, but not surprised. I wish they would've taken her negs off your record at least. It's such a shame.

  2. OMG!!!! How STUPID! I can't believe they didn't find in your favor. How totally CHILDISH this person is being! GAH, you have my sympathy.

  3. Oh my god... I can't even believe they sided with this crazy lady. >:[

  4. In fact, I would be interested in reading the transcript, if you have any desire to share it. This is such a learning experience for someone like me who is not a seller. It makes me think twice about ever starting. :(

    I saw the original post from a few days ago, and I am disgusted by this entire debacle. She is a loon who can't let it go! (And she's in the wrong to begin with, which makes her tenacity even more frustrating.) Sheesh. Maybe you've got some rant4theassholes as customers now. How delightful. :(

    I feel terrible for you, Emily. As others have stated in the OP, why does she think she can keep the merchandise if she also wants her money back? Make up your delusional mind, bitch.

    Is there any way that others such as myself can lodge a complaint with Ebay on your behalf? Probably not, but I was just wishing and hoping.

    Oh, and your nickname with the built-in definition makes me think of a scene from the old Howard Stern movie. Howard called a station manager pig vomit. Why? "... because he looks like a pig, and he makes me want to vomit!" Ha!

  5. Can't sellers see feedback left by that person to others. I wonder if she has done it before.

  6. I'd love to see that transcript still :D

    To Ebay: STOP BEING FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS! BUYERS *CAN* BE INCOMPETENT AND YOU ALLOW THEM TO BE BY PULLING THIS SHIT. You're just allowing another seller to get ripped off in the end. I do not like you anymore. I do not like that you even allow fraudulent makeup to be sold (yeah I'm looking at you MAC Hello Kitty 12 shade palette that NEVER EXISTED, there isn't a "Bronze" in Barbie Loves MAC. yay lets have people go blind)
    And yep I report them but can go on a few days later and they'll still be there.

    Sincerely, Bite Me.

    *now I'm ranty :(

  7. I wanna see it! Ebay Live chat is extremely LAME

  8. OMG! That woman is all kinds of nuts. It sucks that ebay doesn't do much to protect buyers. I'm glad they're not looking for you to refund her!

  9. Woah that person is actually insane!

    I guess at least you didn't have to refund her....still I have to agree that ebay is not fair at all for sellers.

    Marina xo

  10. Wow. That woman is a turd and she is definitely bonkers. You are such a nice lady. Sad that honest sellers have to put up with such undeserved crap from wackadoos like her. Screw ebay. I think you should open up your own site.

  11. :(
    I know how annoying it is, and yes ebay does not give too much attention for the sellers, because in their opinion, it's not the sellers that make ebay but the buyers. They reckon if there are no buyers there is no ebay, but then if there are no sellers there's no need to have zillions of buyers. I have seen ebay change over the years in a bad way. Before it used to be a place of great fun, with zillions of auctions, great bargains to grab, now it's just a big giant multistore, full of buyers that are no longer happy to get a bargain they still feel like they have to haggle the price even more, they want their item posted the day before they pay for their auction, and they know that whatever they do it's the seller who's going to get it in the neck. Every ebay message I get and I go all panicky thinking "What now?".... thankfully not all ebayers are like that, most of them are really nice, but it's hanging on your head all the time.
    I still think you should report the other 3 negs for being for another transaction, and you can say that she only filed the claim for one item, so she was obviously happy with the other three and should not have left a neg for these items. The worst they can do is nothing, but they may remove them as well which should be a plus for you.
    Don't worry too much about the one transaction that went wrong -- if people read your feedback and they see all the negs from 1 buyer when all the others are green positives they won't worry too much, but I know how not nice it is anyway, especially when you've done all that needed to be done and the buyer was just vile and awkward x

  12. Oh, how is this possible that eBay went in her favour. I suppose they didn't even check out those emails you gave them too.. If they did read her messages, there's no way they could have went in her favour! That's just the easiest way for them, just think that the customer is always right and ignore all the evidence if that's happen not to be the case always.¨

    Hahah yeah, I think it's impossible to find any seller on eBay that wouldn't be concerned about poor feedback! I wonder if she's acting like that to all sellers she buy stuff from. x

  13. EW wtf =0= Thats one really annoying customer.

  14. I've hated that about Ebay too. I sell some stuff and it's like buyers can write whatever and you're stuck trying to defend. I sold a new pair of shoes and got a neutral because the buyer felt they weren't new. O-kay. Ebay is getting lame. I like Etsy better.

  15. What the fuck, she seems like she's deranged O___O

    But I guess it's good that even though Ebay ruled in her favour, they dont find you at fault and aren't seeking compensation :) it seems like theyre saying 'oh it's the buyer being a douchebag but we kind of have to cater to their doucheyness anyway :('