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Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping Trip pics from 7-16-10

I meant to post these last month but was busy and then forgot about them. So here they are, late!

Us riding the motorcycle on our way to a hiking trail

I took pics along the way

we're going too fast!

agh! we're gonna die! not...

the bike was sputtering so we stopped so Jason could work on it

my shadow...i look like i'm going to war or something

stopped at one trailhead

fixing my helmet head and not realizing he was taking pictures




this trail was too easy so he got the map out and realized we were on the wrong trail! so we took off right away to the correct trail.

just got on the right trail

this was a cool resting point. great view.

resting and drinking water


moi sitting near a long drop off

Jason posing for me

why do I look like a grumpy kid who doesn't want to be there? I was having a great time!

took an artsy fartsy pic

so he got one of me

he wanted to take pics but I was trying to reapply my spf lipstick. so i annoyingly made a fish face.

the scenery here was so gorgeous

don't get too close to the edge

stopped to rest a bit

part of the trail

more trail

I had just turned around to see what he was doing, "wait wha..." I took my hiking boots off to air out my feet.

i'm a dork

got back to the camp sight. me toes felt like vienna sausages

me and my honey bunny

he looks so tired

naughty boy with grabby hands

i look surprisingly great for not bathing in 2 days and just getting back from hiking for several

I was wearing Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder in Translucent Light and Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel liner (don't remember which one) and obviously filled in my brows. I have to or I look like an alien without brows! I was also wearing Avon ULTRA COLOR RICH Cool Bliss Lipstick SPF 15 in Nude on Ice.

i surprised him with the camera. looks like a scared little boy

Heh heh

That's all folks!



  1. Your pictures are great! The scenery is gorgeous. Gah - men and their grabby hands. LOL

  2. Wow, the pictures are gorgeous, post card worthy! This post really relaxed me, makes me remember how pretty the world is. I like that you still wore makeup, I would do the same thing. You're a real trooper doing a trip like this and being a girlie girl, props. I would have been crying without my blow dryer and airbrush makeup lol, where would I plug it in? haha. But honestly, I have to take a trip like this one day and just let loose. Looks amazing :)


  3. Great pics. Looks like you had a good time! Did I read the elevation correct... 10,031 feet?!

  4. So many beautiful pictures! I love the one where the path is rocks! And the weird looking lego rocks. Awesome possum! Oh and IMG_9141 lol, That one is sooooo effing pretty! You reminded me I didn't post my BC pics! Mountains and ocean galore! (I'm lazy though, that's my reason for forgetting lol)

  5. I love the look on your face in the second to last photo :P
    What gorgeous scenery though.

  6. Excuse me, I do not approve of how good you look after camping and hiking! I would be a sweaty man within like 5 minutes of that shit XD

  7. Gorgeous photos! Do you mind if I ask roughly what area this is? I definitely need to put it on my list of places to visit someday :)

  8. Lol... the "heh heh" pic needs to be your profile picture :D

  9. Looks like you had fun! The place looks beautiful. x

  10. Cute! And gorgeous scenery. And that Garmin ForeTrex looks so neat! (I've only seen a gps once before, irl, when we went geo-caching a couple years ago, and it was such a clunky model.)

  11. What a fun get-away. The photos of the scenery are beautiful. Can you explain your camping set-up? It looks like you have a tent attached to a mini-van. I'm curious.

  12. Me & my family go camping all the time!! SO much fun!! But WOW ur pictures are amazing!! What a great place you went to! It was very beautiful!! Looks like you guys had a load of fun!!!