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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise for 8-25-10 Sharon Mann: Bootcamp

Since there isn't really a guide for the workouts (because you can create your own combos) I'm going to post the same details as I did for the Sharon Mann Kickboxing workout except on the "my thoughts" part.

Details: This fully-interactive DVD is simply sensational. Offering a huge selection of Cardio based workouts including: Step,
Kickboxing, Boot Camp, HILO & more! Choose from
a number of pre-programmed workouts or design your
own using the fully interactive menu.  There are three
different levels of fitness for all exercises. The people on
the left side of your screen are working at a beginners
level, the people on the right are advanced level. Sharon
will be doing the intermediate level in the middle as well as
beginner & advanced. With all the choices offered on this
one disc, you can create over 1000 different workout combinations!  

Pre programmed workouts include:

Mixed Hilo,  Athletic Step,  HILO Drills,  Step Circuit, Interval Training,  Military Training,  Kickboxing + More!

My Thoughts:
I did the Sharon's Picks Bootcamp workout rather than creating my own combo. It's around 30 minutes. There's a lot of jumping rope, walking push-ups, plyometrics (some using the step, ouch!), tricep dips and military drills in this one. I really enjoyed doing it! Although my husband was not happy since his calves were still sore from the Cardio Abs workout. Hee hee. I added my own ab routine at the end (since there isn't one included in this one) and also used my resistance tubing (medium) to work on my biceps, shoulders and back. So with me adding more exercises, my workout ended up being about 50 minutes total. I am a little sore. Muscles feel tight and I feel like I really did something. I love this feeling.

I got a yoga DVD recently and I'm thinking of trying that tonight since my hubby will be rock climbing. He's not a yoga fan...probably because I get onto him about his form, which is usually terrible with yoga. Rather than working on it to get better, I guess he'd rather not hear me nag. Ha ha! I don't mean to nag him but I don't want him to hurt himself by doing something with really bad form. But it is nice to just do yoga and concentrate on myself and not worry about someone else.


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