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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise for 8-24-10 Insanity w/Shaun T: Cardio Abs

 My husband and I did this workout together on Monday.

I found this video on youtube. Hope this guy doesn't mind me posting it here! Gives you an example of what's in the workout.

My thoughts:
 Never having done any of the Insanity workouts, I thought Cardio Abs was a good place to start just to get a feel for the series. This series comes with a calender (scheduled workouts) but I just wanted to try the abs! It's a short workout that is supposed to target the abs. Honestly I got hardly anything from this. Because I felt like I really didn't do anything, I looked up reviews on this particular workout. A lot of people have the same thing. While doing the workout I could feel my abs, was sweating and even became winded from some of the plyometric (jumping) exercises,  the next day my abs were not sore at all. However, my hip flexors were very sore. My husband said his hip flexors were a little sore, so were his calves (from jumping), but not his abs at all. I understand my fitness level is somewhere around expert. I'm used to using a lot of resistance and doing some mean things to work my core...but I was really expecting a lot more from this workout. It really felt more like a cardio workout and not abs. I probably won't do this one again but I will go onto doing the other DVD's when I feel up to really starting the series and following the calender. Right now I'm enjoying jumping around with various workout styles (I've really been wanting to get back into yoga!) so it's hard for me to commit to just one style. I'll do it, I know I will. But I can already tell my hubby will hate it. He hates plyometrics. Well, duh. Who LIKES them?! I don't, but they get results so I do them anyway. Hee hee.

Anyone else try the Cardio Abs workout? I wanted to like it so bad but it didn't do it for me. :-(



  1. I haven't tried this particular workout, but would like to recommend the Ab Ripper X video from P90X. That one is 15 mins of pure pain and suffering for me :D

  2. I bought Insanity in Amazon for a good price but after doing it for one week, I realized that you REALLY have to be at an advanced level to complete it, so now Im just doing taebo (which I know its old school, but I LOVE it!)

    The cardio workout is killer! Have you tried p90x plyo? Its twice as hard, I swear I was pushing myself way too hard to finish it and I started black out lol...but thats just me and my out of shape ass, youll probably have fun doing it since youre very active and motivated...I wish I had your attitude!!!

    good luck and let me know how everything works out :)

  3. Hi

    I've done the entire Insanity workout and its really important to follow the plan and not jump around. Cardio Abs is meant to be done after some of the other workouts and not on its own. It makes a big difference. What you will find with Insanity is many of the moves are not just abs, they are core moves, i.e hip flexors to the chest.



  4. Suzie,
    I may have to try that. Thanks for your input! :-)

    I've never done taebo but it is funny to watch my sister do it! I have not tried to P90X workout and probably won't for a long time since, I still have new workouts I have not done yet. Perhaps down the road when I feel I need something new. Thanks. :-)

    I'm not jumping around with the Insanity series. I only did cardio abs, explained why I did and also said I plan on following the calender when I am able to do that.
    I'm a very experienced and seasoned exerciser. I researched and read many reviews for the Insanity series before getting it, so you're not telling me information I don't already know.
    Thanks for the input anyway. :-)

  5. Haven't started Insanity yet (this monday we will), but I'm sorry to hear you didn't like cardio abs. I wonder how I will feel. I'm also used to very intense ab workouts, but even the P90X one stopped making me feel sore although I still feel I get some "hardness" out of it. Anxious to hear what you think of the rest of the series when you start. :)