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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Workout for 8-11-10 Sharon Mann Kickboxing

Again, I was too busy (cleaning and hanging out with my hubby) to post this workout last night. So here it is.

Details: This fully-interactive DVD is simply sensational. Offering a huge selection of Cardio based workouts including: Step,
Kickboxing, Boot Camp, HILO & more! Choose from
a number of pre-programmed workouts or design your
own using the fully interactive menu.  There are three
different levels of fitness for all exercises. The people on
the left side of your screen are working at a beginners
level, the people on the right are advanced level. Sharon
will be doing the intermediate level in the middle as well as
beginner & advanced. With all the choices offered on this
one disc, you can create over 1000 different workout combinations!  

Pre programmed workouts include:

Mixed Hilo,  Athletic Step,  HILO Drills,  Step Circuit, Interval Training,  Military Training,  Kickboxing + More!

My thoughts:
I tried to find a video for this particular DVD but couldn't. There doesn't seem to be anything on youtube from what I can tell. I did the pre-programmed kickboxing workout. It's a little over 30 minutes total. The warm up is tai chi, then the middle segments are non-stop kicking/punching combos and some plyometrics, the cool down is some elbow striking while in horse stance (doesn't feel like much of a cool down OMG!), followed with stretching.
This workout is action packed and makes me sweat. It's still not nearly as hard or evil as Cathe's workouts. But like I said, in between the hardcore workouts, I do lighter ones.
Sharon workouts can be awesome or kinda of weird in regards to her instruction. Sometimes she seems all with it while others, she will do something on one side of the body for 16 counts and then do the same thing on the other side for 24 counts. Why? I have no idea but I believe it's a booboo. So whatever mistakes I notice, I adjust myself to make up for it. Other than that, I'd say her DVD's are great for everyone since she offers something for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. She shows people on the left doing beginner versions of the exercise, on the right shows people doing advanced versions, while Sharon does intermediate in front/center. So depending on how you are feeling, you can go easy on yourself or kick your own butt!


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  1. Loving your DVD posts. So hard to find challenging ones sometimes so it's great to see what you think of them!