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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My creepy self and Beautiful Elizabeth!

So recently I met a super awesome gal through my bloggy. Her name is Elizabeth. She found my blog a few months ago looking for Fyrinnae swatches. Then recently noticed that I said I live in Colorado in a workout post. She commented saying she lives in Colorado too so I sent her an email. Dude she lives so close to me I can walk there! How weird is that?!
So we talked in email a lot and then met up in person a week later. She was sweet and took me to a doctor appointment so I wouldn't have to take the bus. :-D  We had lunch afterward and it was really nice.
Then the following Friday, we went to her place for dindin so we could hang out and have our boys meet each other.
It was such a good time. She made a yummy dinner, we had a few glasses of wine and at some points we were laughing so much we were tearing up and my face hurt! Was great!

This past Sunday she came over and I let her see the Makeup Lair and play with my makeup. I showed her how I apply glitter and liquid liner. I also put black lipstick on myself to see what this estee lauder lipgloss looked like on top...all the cool shimmer totally disappeared as though it was a basic clear lipgloss. How disappointing!
Then Elizabeth did her own makeup which turned out so amazing!
Um...I just realized I didn't keep track of what she used. I just know she used the rainbow vomit glitter that I made a long time ago and Aromaleigh shadows. Here are the goofy pics of me and the lovely pics of her.
Elizabeth suggested I purposely get it on my teeth. Don't I look hot?! *barf*

Here I used Coastal Scents Lime glitter 

here I used TKB Trading glitter in red, blue and silver. Looks like something a cheerleader would wear.

I saved the best for last! You get sort of a sneak peak into my makeup collection if you look behind her...

So like I said I didn't keep track of what she used. I should have! The shadows are Aromaliegh (I know that much) and the glitter is my Rainbow Vomit creation and Kryolan Aqua color Liner in black. She is also wearing a cute necklace she made. :-D

Ya'll should go check out her bloggy she just started a few days ago! prettybottles

I hope you enjoyed this.:-}



  1. How crazy is that to meet another blogger so close to you! Thats awesome you guys met up and have been hanging out!

  2. Looks like you gals had some good fun! Love the makeup looks!

  3. Yay for new bloggy friends! She, like you, is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time. And yay for "creepy" self. LOL

  4. Yay! That looks like fun. And you have a very pretty new friend. Love your black teeth! Elizabeth - you did an awesome job on your eyes. Very flattering.

  5. The 1st one is hilarious because I've seen people look like that on a daily basis lol

  6. WOW thats such a coincidence! My roommate from college actually lived 10 minutes away from me back home!

  7. wow!! looks like u two had a blast and what an awesome story! I swear blogging introduces to u the most amazing people. ur looks are great and u both r so beautiful

  8. Thats so cool that you guys found each other! Her blog looks great so far too :D

  9. haha i love the first picture!

    roxy from

  10. That is so awesome that you met a friend so close to home! Very cool! Sounds like you guys have hit it off!!

    I just went to Elizabeth's blog and am a new follower!

  11. You did such great looks!

  12. that is so cool to have met that way. I met my bff through a place kinda like ebay. :)

    gotta love the internet :)

  13. Ahahha. Awesome!
    I live in Colorado too.
    Just saying!
    You girls are so pretty. :)

  14. I enjoyed!!! great pics, she is pretty ;-) hat's so cool you guys connected like that

  15. wow, that's pretty cool. i hope you two continue to have fun especially with your loves of makeup!

  16. Pretty lady! That's so great that you guys met via blogging :3 and I love the green glitter look you did

  17. That's so awesome, I wish I could meet a makeup freak close to me from blogging... when I move to Texas I'll be a few hours away from Julissa, and that's as good as it gets, I think :P

    You two look so cute together, with your black hair and intense eye makeup! I love couples and pairs of friends who look like each other, heehee.

  18. Hahah you're soo funny :D Hilarious make up! x