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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exercise for 9-13-10 Cathe Pyramid Upper

Yep, was busy and didn't end up doing this on Saturday like I had hoped. So Monday worked out better.

Video preview:

Pyramid Upper Body:Designed to increase lean muscle mass, shape, and sculpt the upper body, this upper body workout focuses on the full pyramid system as well as super sets to maximize your potential. As an added bonus, a mix of traditional and non-traditional ab and core work is included with the stability ball to promote better posture and help decrease common back pain associated with poor posture.
Pyramid Upper Body Format: warm-up (3 1/2 min.), upper body weight training (41 min.), Stability Ball (8-min.), Stretch (4 min.) Total = 56 1/2  min.

My thoughts:
I am fairly sore this morning but not too terrible. Although Jason and I were getting tired half way through this. Since this workout isn't crazy jumping around like some of my other workouts, I like to take advantage of that and really focus on each exercise. Sometimes I close my eyes to really concentrate too. 
I really love the Pyramid workouts and every time I do them, I keep thinking I need to do them more often. I will try but I have a feeling since we've been busy with house stuff, we might not get back on our regular workout schedule until we move and settle in. Hey, moving is exercise right? :-D


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