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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kryolan Shimmering Vision palette & HD cream liner Swatches

Late last month I ordered Kryolan's new Shimmering Vision Cream Based 18-color palette along with the HD cream liner in Ebony (black) from Shrinkle on eBay.
I just received them on Tuesday. The postage date was the 30th so I'm wondering if the package was lost or possibly routed to the wrong area, which is why it took so long. I have no idea but it's not normal for Priority packages to take more than 2 weeks! Anyway, I'm not complaining as everything arrived safely and as described.

 So here's the goodies:
Palette, Cream liner and an unlabeled sample but I believe it is Hysteric from Sugarpill.

Taken in natural light. Yep, I played with it a bit before taking pictures. My brush was super stiff and cut right into the pretty teal colour. Ooops!

with flash

 natural light (ebony cream liner on the left)

natural light

with flash

with flash

Colour chart for the colours. I'll use this for reference when I use this for a look so you know which ones I used.

the unlabeled sample (Hysteric?) looks to be purple with blue/green sparkles

swatched over ebony cream liner on the top and swatched over white from the palette on the bottom.

I'd have to say the main thing I noticed from the palette was of course the awesome shimmering colours, then next was the smell. It's not a terrible smell, but it is sort of perfumey. I've worn two colours already and did not notice a smell after they were applied. But I know some people are sensitive to smells so I thought it was important to mention that this palette does have a smell, but it's not chemically...just sort of creamy...perfumey. Like floral body cream or something.
Anyway, the squares are about 1" x 1". They all seem to be filled at varying levels but overall you get a lot of product for the money. 
When trying them out, they have a wonderful consistency. They are very creamy, blend well and shadow adheres to them decently but not as well as my Detrivore eye primer or say Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. I will try these out with glitter at some point to see if it sticks at all. 
I tried a couple of these on the water line and they held up really well. Didn't budge at all so that's great as I love putting fun colours on the water line. :-)

I will be playing with the palette over the next couple weeks and if I have time, I will do a more thorough review.

I've worn the HD cream liner 2 times. I tried it as I normally would for winged liner as well as on the water line. Since I'm used to using Kryolan's Aqua color liner (which is applied with water), this HD cream liner is dry to me. I think for a cream liner it's really, really good but it will take some getting used to for me. Other than it being drier than I'm used to, I like it fine. It's also very creamy and can be used as a black base. It did exceptionally well on the water line too!

The palette is $52.50 and the HD cream liner is $20.00. Both were purchased from Shrinkle's eBay store

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please let me know!



  1. That palette looks GREAT. Damn, so jealous!

  2. The Kryolan palette looks so much fun, I'm really looking forward to seeing you use some of the colours in looks.

  3. That looks really pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing you use this, as I have no clue what to do with it lol

  4. I wan't this palette, but don't think that it will be the same price in France :((((
    The cream liner as well looks good and even don't talk about the pigment!
    Great items :)

  5. The palette looks great and I considered getting it also. Yet, I am not so sure how to use it. Do you wear cream shadows on their own or as a base? If as a base - do they crease at all?

  6. The cream shadows look beautiful <3 WANT

  7. I was in love with this palette at first sight! I think I need to have it now :D
    All the colours are so gorgeous!

    The sample looks a lot like Hysteric.

  8. The palette looks super pretty. Love all those colors! I'm excited to see a look with these. What kind of brush do you use for liner? Those uneven 'liner' brushes are just too wonky for me to work with. Awesome review, very thorough!

  9. I think that's a sample of one of the new colors, Weekender. How well do the colors in the palette work for being regular lid liners? They look gorgeous, and if they make a nice liner this will definitely be a lemming for me.

  10. Those colors are gorgeous, but I just can't handle cream shadows! :) The Florida heat will just melt it right off my face.

  11. I have noticed with my aquacolors that they have a sort of lavender flowery smell and I initially thought it would bother my sensitive skin but it never has.
    I don't know whether to buy this or illamasqua's liquid metal 2 palette. More colours in this one, but more expensive and would be waiting for it to ship from America. Hm. Decisions decisions.
    Anyway, thanks for this honest review.
    Ruth x