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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exercise for 9-21-10 Walking and Weights

My hubby and I started off with walking around the lakes near our place. We walked about 45 minutes. When we got home, we lifted weights for about an hour.
My routine was similar to my last workout post, but this time I did a total body workout. I used my resistance tube to work most of my upper body doing:

bicep curls
hammer curls
bent over tricep extensions
side lateral shoulder raises
overhead shoulder press (military press)
bent over rows (back)

For legs, my routine was about the same as the last time but I did not use the stability ball to do extra leg stuff or core. I did however, do core work laying on the floor. My barbell was again 40 lbs. and I did the following until I was tired:

static lunges
dead lifts
calf raises

I'm really feeling it now. The resistance tube really is harder than using free weights to me. So I'm really enjoying using it for sculpting my muscles. Don't know why it's taken me so long to actually use it like this.


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