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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping trip and Duckasaurous attack! 8-7-10

 Many of you know I go camping and do outdoorsy stuff a lot. But many of you don't know that. It's quite funny to hear people say I'm such a sport for going camping and tolerating it for my husband or that it's nice to see me getting out of the makeup world to go "rough it". Um...while I love makeup and fashion, it is a very small part of my life. I've been camping since a I was VERY little and it's just a normal thing that I do and enjoy so very much. While some girls are afraid of dirt, don't like doing things outside and couldn't possibly imagine not bathing for a week, I don't care. Life is not all about makeup, fashion and material things. It is so nice to take a real break from the concrete jungle and be surrounded by nature and wildlife. It's refreshing and calming to me.
So keep in mind I'm not a dumb, pretty girl with a blog. I can put up a tent easily, build fires, hike my butt off and look cute doing it. :-P
Tyler and Emerald (on our way to the camp site)

The dudes cutting wood for the fire

we hiked out to Cub Lake

Have you ever seen so many lily pads?!



They wanted our food! This guy was nipping at Jason's buttons.

Uh huh...waiting for the right moment to steal his pringles!

I dunno what he was doing...playing dead maybe?

He was standing on my hat!

Emerald getting pictures

Hee hee the Duckasaurous was harassing her now!

Duckasaurous! (taken by emerald)

Please don't hurt us all mighty Duckasaurous! (taken by emerald)

me trying to scare off Duckasaurous! (taken by emerald)

mountain view from the lake (taken by emerald)

Bear claw marks

go all the way up the tree

Once we got back to the camp site, it started to rain so we hung out in the Kelty carport for a while to let it pass.

We were just chatting...

then this little dude kept coming in to look for food. Was hard to photograph the him. He was so fast!

The rain died down enough for us to go start a fire.

Tyler and Emerald

Apparently he likes eggs

naughty dude!

I guess the eggs weren't enough as he then went after the trash!

Bad boy!

Pretty pic taken by Emerald

heading back home



  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I'm jealous of all that natural beauty, I dont get away from the concrete jungle near enough!

  2. Great pics! I think its awesome you enjoy camping! I'm the opposite of you. I spend my days outside in the woods. When it comes to weekends and relaxation, I want nothing to do with being outside or camping! People who know me understand, but others think I'm goofy!

  3. I'm with ya - camping is the best. I haven't been for a couple years (thanks to itty bitty babies and such), but I love it. Those were great pics. You had some rather brave wildlife visit you. XD

  4. the landscape photos are beautiful... been to many years since i've experienced camping :p i kind of miss it. but i also miss my road trips where there is no tv and we spend most the day outdoor :p
    the squirrel is so cute too!

  5. WOW! All those pics are gorgeous! I love hiking/nature! Looks like you had hella fun :)

  6. cute pictures of the chipmunk!!

  7. the duck was rubbing it's head. my bird does that when he wants his head rubbed.

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time. Gotta love the chipmunks, aww! Though I'd hate the thought of camping, it's the bugs I'm telling ya lol! x

  9. Whoa but beautiful images.

  10. Love your camping pics - specially the animals. While I stop just short of camping, I admire your outdoorsy-ness and that you do look pretty darned cute doing it! :)

  11. Omg, that lake looks amazing!
    I love the ducks too ;p So silly. Birds are awsome, I love them <3 Except for chickens...

  12. So many lilypads!! Pretty!


    And so cute the chipmunk or squirrel or whatever fuzzy faced dude that was balancing his lil food on the spatula. KYOOT!

    And wicked bear claw marks!!

    hah! word of teh day = truduc. Quack.

  13. Your camping trip looks like a lot of fun. I've been camping since I was little too :] A lot of girls I know are very squirmish about not washing their hair for like two days and I'm like bro! chill out!! Well you look amazing without makeup anyways. hahah that duck is adorable.. ducks are my favorite animals.

  14. Yay, camping! Cub Lake is beautiful. But I think I would have wussed out if I saw those bear marks. o.O

  15. That's nice to be on the field! I love animals.
    I really liked the photos :)


  16. Some people just don't get it that girly girls can "rough it" too. I grew up on a farm and was in the 4H for goodness sake. A couple of years ago, I took my daughter to Girl Scout camp (I was her leader) and one of my "earthy" friends was shocked that someone who takes daily showers, fixes her hair and wears makeup could spend 3 days at camp. Hello, do you know me at all? I was secretly offended by her assumption. "Yes (insert name of offending friend), people who actually wear deodorant and shave their pits like to camp too!"

    P.S. I personally love that you share the personal non-makeup side of your life on your blog.