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Friday, September 10, 2010

Exercise for 9-9-10 Cathe Pyramid Lower

Ouch! My legs are sore this morning.

Video preview:

Pyramid Lower Body:Designed to increase lean muscle mass, shape, and sculpt your legs, this lower body weight training program focuses on the full pyramid system as well as super sets to maximize your potential. As an added bonus, the workout is divided into two parts (standing work and floorwork) which conveniently lends itself to be done on different days if preferred.  Also, the floorwork will incorporate the use of a stability ball and ankle weights to uniquely challenge your muscles in new ways.

Pyramid Lower Body Format: warm-up (4 1/2  min.), lower body weight training (28 min.), Stability Ball- Legs & Glutes (13 min.), Stretch (4 min.) Total = 49 1/2  min 

My thoughts:
Again, ouch! This workout is hard. I love it though. There's a little step routine in the warm up that always cracks me up because my husband just can't do it. He is so uncoordinated. Hee hee.
So this morning I notice that my hamstrings and calves are sore, but the tops of my legs (quads) aren't sore at all.  My butt is only a little sore too but not very much. I'm used to working my butt pretty hard with squats so I'm thinking that's why my quads aren't sore and my butt is barely sore. But I might be more sore later today... so I could be getting ahead of myself.
This workout doesn't have an ab/core exercise included so we did our own at the end. 

I'm planning on doing the Pyramid upper on Saturday since tonight we are having dindin at a friends house. The first time I did this set I did upper first and tried to do lower the next day. That was a bad idea because my upper body was so sore I could barely lift my barbell to work my legs! Was horrible! So now I do legs, then upper body. And that works just fine. :-)



  1. I have this workout and it does make you TOAST!

  2. This looks like another good one. I really need to focus on my legs so I may grab this one too.