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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exercise for 9-16-10 My own thing, lower body

Yep, I totally forgot to post this last week. Since I was still sore from doing Pyramid Upper, I focused on lower body and core. I used my barbell loaded at 40 lbs. and did the following:

static lunges
plea squats
dead lifts
calf raises

I'll say it a million times but I don't have a set amount that I do in terms of reps. So I don't really count the reps unless I'm doing something on one side and need to count to make sure I do the same amount on the other side. Like I said before, I just basically work each muscle group to the point of exhaustion.

After using the barbell, I used my stability ball and did some extra booty exercises, leg lifts and inner thigh squeezes.  I was really sore the next day. I was worried that because we were going camping over the weekend, that I wouldn't be able to hike as much as I like to when camping, but I was fine. :-)

I then did various core exercises. I don't remember everything since this was from last Thursday evening. Oops!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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