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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TKB/eBay haul

TKB FINALLY offers glitter in ounce baggies. It used to be a teaspoon sample and jumped right to 4 ounces. Ugh...which is a lot. So I ordered each of the following in ounce baggies: Mauve (upper left), Lavender (just below mauve), Purple (below lavender) Black (bottom left), Sugar (top right), Red (below sugar) and Blue (below the red). These arrived in the mail yesterday along with 2 eBay purchases: Urban Decay's Covet (peacock green) eye pencil and Estee Lauder's Pure Color Gloss in Flash. Looks like a glowing opal stone to me. Can't wait to try it!


I played with the glitter right away and created these below:
With flash

Without flash

Sorry the pics aren't that great.

 If you LOVE glitter like I do, you should try these! They are very fine fairy dust glitters and I am just in love with them! I wish they came in jars like Coastal Scents though...Oh well. I can't complain too much as the price is $4.25 for an ounce! Weeee!


  1. That mauve glitter is crazy beautiful!

    Are those swatches mixed with anything?

    Oh girl, you are gonna be bad for me...I'm going to spend a *lot* of money cause of you!

  2. Lisa Kate,
    The swatches are mixtures of colours I made, but I just pressed the loose glitter on my skin using my fingers. I used body butter as a base.
    Have fun but don't go broke! Ha! I've spent a lot of money at TKB, but when I calculated how much money I would have spent if I bought all of the mica/glitter AND the colours I've made myself, repackaged from somewhere else, it's about $1,000 savings! That's including the jars I put them in! Not joking! So it's worth it if you're interested in making your own blends. :-)

  3. Gorgeous colours!!! Oh no, I can't place another order right now. :(