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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aromaleigh Haul

Mail came and I got a package from Aromaleigh. :-) I mainly placed this order to get a lovely eyeshadow for my sister for Christmas. Her name is Clara and she likes purple so I figured it would be appropriate to get her Clara from the en pointe LE collection. :-) Shhhh! Don't tell her! :-P
I also took advantage of the sales at the time and got myself some much needed coquille bleu for colour correcting.
"Coquille Bleu (Blue)- A soft blue that helps counteract the orange-ness of sunless tanning. Also can be used to produce a "dreamy" finish, similar to our Coquille Lilas "
My tinted sunscreen makes my skin look rather orangey so I thought this would help me out. Got a sample of coquille lilas to try it out too. I'm a glitter whore so I also got rocks! glam glitter in kerosene which is a bright yellow sparkle.
For my 3 free samples, I got clara, dulcinea and elegie from the en pointe collection. They also threw in a lippie sample in rosebud. Always makes me sad since I can't use ANY of AL's lip products because there are nut ingredients in every single one of them. :-(  Not good for folks with nut allergies. I believe nuts should be banned from all lip products!

Elegie looks soooo beautiful! I hope it becomes a permanent colour! I need a big jar of it! I will try to post a look with some of these soon.

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. How sweet of you! Thats a great present! Can't wait to see what you do with these colors!

  2. Nice haul and awesome gift idea! And I'm so sorry, that you have nut allergy.:(
    I haven't tried Aromaleigh yet, but I deifinetily will.

  3. Lisa Kate,
    I hope she likes it. She used to wear makeup a quite often until she joined the Army. Not really professional to go to work in a camo uniform wearing bright, sparkly eyeshadow...hee hee. I'm thinking I'll do a look with these colours on Saturday. :-)

    Ah! You need to try Aromaleigh! They are awesome...I just wish I found them years ago!