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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Simple Glitter Look

I didn't have time to do much today so I just did face powder on top of my sunscreen, eyeko mascara in black, Avon Luxery eyeliner in eggplant (waterline) and NYX candy glitter liner in Jade. Umm...the label on my lipgloss is rubbed off so I have no idea what it is! Oops!


Just got back from skating for the first time in YEARS...I look really tired...sorry!


  1. Wow the candy glitter liner works fab on you! I have that cream glitter NYX palette, but it gets absolutely no love at all.

  2. Lisa Kate,
    Thank you! I've heard the palette is a little weird to use. A lot of gals just use it to put a small amount of glitter on top of their eyeshadow, as it doesn't work well alone. And apparently it works best with the sponge applicator or your fingertip. I might try it one of these days.