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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black sheer shimmery lipgloss

So I went to Walmart for some hair clips. The Halloween stuff was 90% off so I decided to check it out since I was there. Found some black shimmery lipgloss for $0.45 so I got it. It is very black and sparkly but looks rather splotchy and uneven when I put it on. So I blotted like I would with lipstick and this is how it turned out. I like the way it feels. It's not sticky and it has no smell/taste. The reason I'm posting this is I want to know if you can tell it's black/sparkly and if it looks OK in your opinion. I don't like black lipstick on myself and to me in person, this looks like sheer gray with silver sparkles in it. Yes, I was camera happy and took a funny one. We can't be too serious now can we? :-O

This is without flash, the rest are with flash.

Did I make ya pee your pants???

Since I did a scary one, I figured I'd do a normal one to balance it out...with a REAL smile. That is a rare thing indeed!


  1. Haha you are too funny! I wasn't expecting that!

    I actually like it a lot on you. It looks sort of purple-y!

  2. It looks like it could be good for darkening other colours whilst adding a bit of sparkle.

  3. Phyrra,
    Thank you. It's something that doesn't get captured on camera hardly ever. I laugh and smile a lot. But as soon as a camera pops out, my lips close...

    Lisa Kate,
    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my goofiness! I'll try wearing it a few more times with different eyeshadow colours. I'm so open when it comes to wearing crazy colours on my eyes...but not on my lips. I have no idea why.

    Thanks for the input. I'll have to try that sometime. :-)

  4. LOL! Too funny.;) You do have a beautiful smile. I like the gloss, it does look like a nice sheer grey when blotted like that. I've got several black glosses like that that I like to wear.:)

  5. Madeleine Bouquet,
    Thanks, love! I'll have to try more black glosses when I see them.