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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WEIRD dream I had regarding beauty and makeup

 I'm one of those weirdo people that has multiple, vivid and weird dreams every night. They are so strange that I used to keep a dream diary to let other people read them. I quit doing that because it was really time consuming for me to do this every morning. But I still have two full dream diaries. If I find them in my closet...I will so post them. They are seriously effed up and funny!
 Anyway. Last night I had a makeup related dream. I normally don't dream about makeup or anything beauty blog related. But recently I've had dreams of Phyrra, Heather/Eyeconic and VampiressDoll. The one last night was funny and creepy. I apparently stole a bunch of makeup from VampiressDoll. I justified it because she said she never used this stuff. OMG I would never steal anything from anyone! So weird! BUT, I also dreamed that I surgically installed magnets into my upper lash line. WHY? Because I was inventing this new cosmetic procedure where you have magnets implanted into the lash line, so you could wear these magnetic false lashes I invented. Wow. After telling Jason about this dream, I actually thought to myself that I KNOW some of you would get that done. I mean, who wouldn't like to just put the fake lashes up to your eyelids without glue, and they always go and stay where they are supposed to??? That would be awesome and you know it! I'd probably wear fake lashes every day if I had this done. Totally.

Have any of you had makeup related dreams? Have you dreamed about anyone you have met through your blog but haven't met in person?

Since I don't have any pictures for this post, I'm including some of my kitty, Athan. He sits really weird sometimes, on his butt with his feet in the air and looks like an old grumpy man. :-D

Hee hee. Cracks me up! I love my little guy. :-)

OK, enough farting around. Must get back to the slave pit!


  1. okay, magnetic false eyelashes are awesome-sauce haha.

  2. I recognize that kitty pose! LOL.

    I'm actually similar to you in that I tend to have very vivid dreams. I tend to think I'm awake in my dreams and not realize that I'm dreaming. This leads to some interesting issues.

    Unfortunately this also means that my nightmares are vivid and I think I'm awake when the zombies rip me to shreds.

  3. Hee, his expressions remind me of my cat back at my Mom's house!

    Nice to find someone else who has strange and vivid dreams. I don't remember many of mine, but when I do, they tend to be long and apparently bizarre (well, that's how people react when I tell them, haha).

    But no, I haven't had any make-up or blog-related dreams yet. It's only a matter of time, I'm sure...

  4. LOLOL I have insane dreams as well LOL. I dreamt that I sent cheese and spinach to my friend who was locked up in a tower

  5. I would totally get those! Just snap 'em on and bolt. FUN!

    You're cat is so precious! I love when they sit like that!

  6. Hahahaha that's hilarious! It would be so awesome to be able to just stick stuff on like that! Like a potato head.

  7. teeheee my kitteh used to sit like that too :) I haven't had a makeup blog dream yet. I know I will eventually just because I spend so much time going through them lol.
    It's like everyone is having weird dreams lately. My friend said this morning she had a dream zombies were after her (I wish that was MY dream dammit!)
    And My dream started off with me asking my brother which super nintendo games were mine and Luigi's Mansion popped into my head and all of a sudden I'm in a mall with monster type people and ghosts (not people ghosts but the goofy slimer casper type ones) and the perfume counter girl waits for me to walk by and she totally sprays the back of my big pink winter coat (I so do not have one of those btw) and for some reason, in this dream I'm allergic to perfume so I get pissed off, chase after the girl and totally slam her face into the counter! OMG VIOLENCE!
    And that's only because of the CSI Miami I watched last night. Criminal dude smashes security dude's face in the car door. Stupid tv wrecking my dreams. :) I can't believe I remember that much of it though. Usually after the first hr of my day, it's lost.

  8. I might actually use false lashes on a regular basis if they were that easy!!
    He he heee @ kitty!

  9. hahahahahaha magnetic lashes! I would totally do that. I don't have normal dreams, only nightmares, seriously. For months and months I've had horrible nightmares every night, and I wake up crying and sweating. Finally I got a sleeping pill that seems to work though, so it's been better. I talk a LOT in my sleep. I woke my mom up in the hotel room in Texas over and over because I kept talking so loudly. She said at one point I was like "WELL YOU CAN JUST SHUT UP, BITCH!" I have no idea what I was dreaming of, haha.

    I'm sure I have had dreams with bloggers in them, just not that I can think of at the moment.

  10. It's funny how our minds play tricks on us like that. I dream about makeup ALL the time. It's so odd. I never use to, and I'm like you, I have weird and vivid dreams. I guess it's the addict in us. hehe

    Kitteh is super cool. I love his "old man" pose. :)

  11. HAHAHA your cat is so graceful looking XD

    I have really busted dreams too, where cast members from tv shows sell me overpriced cookies. And duuuude, the magnet lashes reminds me of the Ugliest book series where they get crazy cosmetic procedures - like little gems inserted into their eyeballs to make them all pretty and glittery

  12. I love your kitty! Mine sits like that sometimes but only when he's having a wash, as it were :D

    I wish I had weird dreams, mine are boring :(

  13. Yeah, you all know you want some magnetic lashes! I do...
    My dreams are really vivid. Not to the point of nightmares all the time, but when I do have them, they feel very real. Actually most of my dreams feel very real. I've never had dreams about being ripped apart by zombies. But I often have dreams about sporting shotguns and hiding from and shooting zombies. Very movie like.

    I HATE having dreams about having money. Because I wake up thinking I have $5 in my pocket and I so don't. I wake up thinking, "Where'd that money go?"

    Ha, Heather! That is hilarious. I don't talk in my sleep but I make weird sounds sometimes. Jason recorded it and played it for me recently. Just sounds like some strange moaning. WEIRD!

    Athan is a sweeteh. He's almost as bad as having a child. He walks all over us at night and cries a lot for attention. Jeesh. I need more sleep.