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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green look using Fyrinnae

This look is from Sunday. I've been really busy with work so I haven't had much time to post. But it's a good kind of busy. :-D

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (applied all around the eye area up to brow and rubbed in gently with ring finger)
Fyrinnae - Dressed To Kill (applied to the upper lid to crease by patting it on with MAC 239)
Fyrinnae - omgwtf (applied to inner corner and lower lash line with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
Simply Natural's - Fantasy Gold (applied under brow using MAC 217 by patting/sweeping and softening the edges)
Avon Luxury eye pencil in black (upper lash line)
Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara in Black Out

Lips: NYX Mega Shine lipgloss in Deep Bronze

Sweet Sensations Body Cafe Peppermint Face Cream (applied with fingertips)
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Make Up in Translucent Light


  1. I love the yellow green color! I feel so inspired by your looks everyday!

  2. I like it! I'll have to get the Dressed to Kill, the gold is saying "buy me you moron". Must listen to the gold.

  3. Dressed to kill looks beautiful on you.

    I'm glad you're enjoying yourself working working working, but I've missed your looks, missy... Can't wait to see all Aromaleigh's fancy swatches though.

  4. I like the eye shadow colors together. OMGWTF is great to open up the eye. The lipgloss is interesting, coz it looks more like a wine than a bronze.

  5. Oooh beautiful! I desperately need some more fyrinnae. Especially OMGWTF! so pretty.

  6. You remind me of some kind of evil lady of the forest or wood nymph with this look >;D

  7. Y,
    Aw thank you! I love it too. :-)

    You do need to get it! So gorgeous and it looks so much better in person.

    Thank you. :-D I'm almost finished with the Gothic Lolita Collection. I think I have found my flow so I can still blog and work without sacrificing too much.

    Thanks. I like it too. So bright and vibrant. Love it!

    You don't have it?! You need to get it!

    Thank you!

    Ha! Maybe I am one of those things!

  8. Oh snap, I need omgwtf... and all the new Arcane Magic colors... and all the old ones cus I don't have any. :P My crazy makeup spending is going to be sooo hard to control when I live on my own, especially since I will be in a place with an Ulta >:[ I had a question as I've now starting using Pixie Epoxy every day over my UDPP. Should I wait for the UDPP to get totally dry, or is it ok to use the epoxy over it while the primer is still damp? Am I even supposed to put shadow on while the pixie epoxy is still wet? I am such a lame.