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Monday, March 15, 2010

I may be MIA for a while...but for a good reason!

 As some of you know, I have teamed up with Kristen of Aromaleigh, to work on a great eyeshadow project for the website. We are working together on featuring a collage of pictures for every single eyeshadow, that demonstrates how the product looks when worn on the eye area, and then swatched with different bases to show the various ways one eyeshadow can look. You can view Kristen's blog post about it here: Sneak Peek

Here is a sample of my eye wearing purple princess :
(Note, this is a representation, not a final product. All actual swatches and bases/effects will be photographed and displayed for each individual color)

 Since Aromaleigh has a HUGE collection of eyeshadows, this will take quite some time to complete. I know it may sound glamorous to some of you, but this will be a lot of work for me and my one eye area may become super sensitive/irritated due to applying and reapplying multiple times in a day. So because of that, I may be MIA for a while until I get things situated and get a good "flow" going. I am super excited about this! I have loved Aromaleigh for a LONG time and to be a part of this is simply wonderful.
 I can't wait to see the end results. I know we all have wanted to see something like this when looking to purchase eyeshadows. It will be a lot more helpful when deciding to buy.

So please don't think I'm ignoring you when I am not able to leave comments or even reply to comments for a while. I hope to be able to do this and still read all your blogs regularly as well as post regularly, like I have been. Your understanding is much appreciated!

Don't forget! Aromaleigh will be closed from March 22nd to April 5th!

If you haven't checked out Aromaleigh, here's the link: Aromaleigh



  1. btw do u mind if i feature u on my blog?im gonna feature some bloggers!hehe

  2. wow thats huge!good luck dear!keep us informed!hehe

  3. That's great!

    Be careful with that eye!

  4. Well, I'll miss your looks, but I love AL as much as you so HAVE FUN!!!!! :D It's for a good cause!

  5. How exciting! though the eye irritation isn't so exciting :P

  6. Vanilla,
    Thank you and I will!
    Go for it, I don't mind. :-D

    I will try!

    Thia Winter,
    I will miss doing looks too, but I must work on this. I will have fun! Thanks!

    I know, right? I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes. Hopefully my eye won't become a red, inflamed mess. I will try not to let that happen...

  7. Thanks for doing this! It's a brilliant idea, and I know I'll love seeing how colors could look with different bases! (Although my wallet may not love the results of that so much, but my wallet can eat it - I need more Aromaleigh.)

  8. Oooh how exciting! What a good idea...

    Although, eye models would probably be a plan haha, to stop your poor eye being all sore :(

  9. This colour on you eyes is amazing :-)

  10. I can imagine how much work this will be, especially for your poor eye(s) =( but I still think you're so lucky to be working with and representing Aromaleigh like this. I love this company too :)

    Have fun and good luck!

  11. I saw this on Miss K's blog a while ago :) Exciting but arduous... you will be the new eye for Aromaleigh ;]

  12. Oh wow that sounds like such a great thing to do ! Have a great time doing that, looking forward to seeing the new Aromaleigh photos ! Will miss the daily posts though x

  13. Ooooh, so that WAS your eye! What an amazing project! I'll be looking forward to what you two come up with. ^^

  14. Well, you have gorgeous eyes, so you will be a great model :). You will be missed.

  15. How coooool!!!!! Man I totally missed this post of yours! I totally didn't realize you would be the model. *I'm a little jealous* lol. Have fun with the project. You're beautiful :)

  16. Maybe this sounds like I am making this up after the fact, but I have always thought that you have THE ABSOLUTE PERFECT eye for showcasing eye makeup. I often thought that you would make a perfect eye model, so I am thrilled that it will actually be happening! You and Aromaleigh are awesome; together, you will be mind-blowing.

    I am really, really excited to see this project once it is up on AL's site. Best of luck to you, Kristin, and all involved. :)

    Oh, it goes without saying, that you would make a great model in general (whole body, face, eye, anything.) I thing you are are so beautiful, and as they say across the pond, "As fit as fook!"

  17. kayeffjay,
    I don't want your wallet to be upset! :-P

    So far so good. I am using a good, gentle makeup remover so I'm not really sore yet. Just trying to take it easy and work on a decent amount each day. :-)

    Thank you! It is a lovely purple. :-D

    It is a great opportunity and I'm more than happy to do it.

    Yep, pretty much as she only wants one eye for the whole website. I'm up for the work load!

    Yeah, it's great! I am trying to do a look every other day while still working. So far it's working out just fine.

    Yep, it's me eyeball. I'll keep everyone posted for sure. XD

    Aw, thank you!

    Don't be! It really isn't as glamorous as it may seem. Lotsa work involved.

    Wow, thank you so much! I appreciate the support. I'm sure Kristin will let everyone know when the first completed collection is up, and I will do the same. :-D