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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fyrinnae Swatches and muh alien belleh!

On March 5th I placed an order with Fyrinnae, for samples and another full size Pixie Epoxy (I'm getting so low on the one I have!). I just received the order yesterday, so here are some swatches that are applied over PE. :-)

From left to right: Immortality, Equality, Dark Fantasy, Dragonmagic, Sorceress, Mystic, Archmage, Farseer, Stormbringer, Faerie Glamour, Wizard's Apprentice, Love Potion, Electric Stardust (FREE SAMPLE)
natural light


From left to right: Kitten In Heels, Sennyo, Shinigami, Delvian, Parental Advisory, Android Angel, Changeling, Incubus, Monarch Butterfly, Still Breathing
natural light


From left to right: Jaguar, Biker Chic, Rebellion, +20 Beautification, Dressed To Kill, Dragon's Wing
natural light


Again, I can't add the descriptions as the website is down. But here's the link when they bring it back up: Fyrinnae

Of course, everything is freaking gorgeous! See anything you like or have that you love? What would you pair together for a look?

And for some cuteness...and weirdness, here are pics I just now took of my kitty Maya, in my shirt. She is hanging out in my shirt as I've been typing up this post. She just loves shirt time and she's purring away. Look at muh alien belleh!

she's all wigglin' around

das her nose at the bottom of the pic. I was trying to keep her head still

das her nose at the ends of my fingers

Athan and Maya sleeping in the laundry (their fav thing to do!)


  1. I love Biker Chic, but I definitely don't need my 500th "very dark color with sparkles in it" shadow. heehee kitty! My chinchillas like to sit on my belly when I'm wearing hoodies, or play in the pockets.

  2. Ha ha, did Maya ever burst out? :D
    Look at all those beautiful swatches i am in desperate want of some Fyrinnae.

  3. Teehee what cute kitties. Just as well the tshirt is stretchy... Gorgeous gorgeous samples!

  4. I love your makeup looks, and the rainbow vomit eye glitter is very nice - but Maya's a bit of a post-stealer. She is ADORABLE. "Shirt time" is the cutest thing ever. I kinda want to go stuff one of our cats in my shirt, but I think I'd get scratched for it. Hmm...

  5. hahaha, That's so cute that your kitty does that! Mine used to just meow at the bottom of my chair, lookin for head rubs.
    Teeheee the security word this time was "GURICK" hahaha sounds like a bad name. GET OVER HERE GURICK!


    All those colours are super pretty, but I must have Incubus >;D

  7. I looove all of the first colors. Yum!

    And awww kitttiiiesss. Cats love to sleep in laundry. Especially if it's clean. Haha.

  8. Heather,
    Same here but they always catch my eye! Love dark shades with sparkles...
    You need to post pictures of your little guys!

    No, she got bored and left though. But she does like to press her face and paws on the shirt stretching it out. I have a few tshirts that are totally stretched out because of her!

    Yep, if it wasn't stretchy, she might not like it in there. Aw yeah, Fyrinnae has some of the most gorgeous eyeshdaows. Mmmm...

    She is a ham so she gets all the attention. Like a little ninja princess. Maya doesn't scratch when she's in there, she's a sweetie.

    She isn't that polite. She just jumps in your lap when you aren't expecting it. Go GURICK yourself! Ha!

    Hee hee. Yes, it's gorgeous! Got buy it!

    Those are my most favs! They sometimes sleep in the dirty laundry hamper, but their fav is hot laundry fresh out of the dryer. But then they get mad when I have to move them to put it away. :-/