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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Morgana Mineral Vegan Lipstick Swatches

My sister sent me a Morgana Gift Certificate for my birthday, so I got some lipsticks I've been wanting for a while! Here they are from Left to Right:

Blood, Grape, Very Cherry, Margarita, Valentine, Azalea Blue and Azalea

Colour descriptions from Morgana's website:
Blood - Dark, matte red.
Grape - Medium purple with a grape scent. 
Rich, medium red with a cherry scent. 
Margarita - Cool toned rose that smells like a Margarita. 
Valentine - Rich, vibrant, duochrome pink. 
Azalea Blue - Hot pink w a blue sheen. A customer favorite! 
Azalea - Hot pink. A customer favorite! 

Aren't they all just so pretty?! They went on a little weird but only due to my arm hair (told ya I'm a beast!). The consistency, pigmentation and colour seems to be great in all of them. I like how Very Cherry smells like a cherry popsicle to me. :-D  Yum! Normally I hate cherry smells but I really like this one for some reason. It's not a medicinal smell at all (which is what cherry normally smells like to me). Just smells sweet. Grape of course smells like grape to me. I love grape! I haven't noticed much of a smell from the others, but maybe I will when I wear them. I'd prefer no smell to icky chemical smells. These are all fine to me. :-D

I wore Blood this morning and it looks like dark purple on me, no red visible. Must be my skin tone. I can wear it still, since I can pull off dark lipstick. Mistress is still my fav dark red! I think I will have to get another tube of it already...jeez.

Morgana Minerals also has a lot of beautiful eyeshadows, glitter and other nice products. They will soon be launching a lipgloss collection, as well as a new eyeshadow collection. Can't wait to see what everything looks like. I'm excited! 

Go check out the store! MORGANA MINERALS


  1. I'm gonna place a biiig order when the glosses and new eyeshadow shades come out :D I love Coraline's Kiss best, I'm going to wear it as part of my look tomorrow.

  2. Hnghhhh I need Very Cherry and Azalea Blue :3

  3. Heather,
    Yes, get some! I love them, a lot!

    Very Cherry has become a favourite of mine. I haven't worn Azalea Blue yet, but I know I need to.

  4. Oh thanks for posting this! I've only got Azalea Blue but I am wanting Nightshade, Coraline's Kiss, 24k Pumpkin and Ruby Slippers. Must....resist....purchasing....compulsion :)

  5. Looks like somebody on Luuux stole your image and text:

    ...dang it...