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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fyrinnae Swatches

Many of you have these and have swatched these as well. But since I have never used these, I wanted to swatch them myself to see what they look like and figured I'd post them in case there was something here someone doesn't have or hasn't seen swatched.

Starting with the Lip Lustres from left to right (you can click on the pics to enlarge):

Diabolic Masquerade, Visual Kei, Digital Faerie, Omgwtf, Wicked, Warrior-Mage, Dark Magik, Lust Bunnies and Snow Leopard (free sample I got in September that I forgot I had, oops!)
natural light

with flash

Everything looks gorgeous and much more pretty applied than in the jars. :-) Not sure what look to do first but I will do something for sure!

See anything you like or have and love? I wanna know! Also, is there anything you think that I NEED to have from Fyrinnae?

Hope you all are having a great week/weekend!


  1. I think you need (from the lip lustres) Shangri-La, Trickster, Acidic Cherry, Lollipop-pop, Glitter Kittiez.

    Digital Faerie, Wicked, OMGWTF = 3 of my absolute favs. I love the two lip lustres you got, too :)

    I also think you need Nijiro. And Rapunzel had Extensions. And Glitterboi. And Faerie Glamour.

  2. I LOVE the silver coloor!

  3. I have been looking at swatches from this company for awhile... I think I should thank you for pushing me to get some!
    Well... bank account doesn't thank you... but I do!~
    I would love to have Wicked, Dark magic and Lust Bunnies... oh I could go on!
    Every time I see a swatch they are amazing.

  4. Hmm, my fav. shadow from them is Faerie Glamour (Arcane Magic section) applied over the Pixie Epoxy. I bet you'd also really love Mephisto. The Pixie Epoxy is also a must if you haven't tried it already! It's not a primer in itself, but helps keep all those complex Fyrinnae sparkles in place. It also makes matte shadows more vibrant. Make sure to try Wicked over the Pixie Epoxy if you buy it!

  5. AWWW the lip lustre is so pigmented!hehe

  6. Polar Bear! And We're All Mad Here! And everythingelsethereis!

  7. Oh man, now I see why everybody keeps telling me to get Digital Faerie XD

  8. Phyrra,
    Oh yes, I've been eyeing those lip lustres for a while!

    I looked at those eyeshadows this morning and I think i will have to order them. But probably not until the end of the month. Oh and Glitterboi isn't released yet so I will have to wait until it is. When the heck is it coming out???

    I think I love them all!

    I've been looking at Fryinnae swatches for...the LONGEST time...well over a year. I think it took someone else getting me some so I could go and get the rest myself. They are quite lovely and worth getting! Don't hurt your bank account! I'd just get a few samples here and there and build up your collection over time. Will make it easier on the budget. :-D

    I have had the Pixie Epoxy since they released it for sale. I use it all the time and LOVE it. I almost don't know how I got along without it before. Makes sparkly eyeshadows so much more awesome! Oh I plan on making an order for those eyeshadows soon!

    Oh is it ever! Everything is tho!

    Hee hee! I agree. The first time I saw their website, I wanted to cry cuz I wanted everything...

    Yes, get it! Everyone is else is getting it so you know you have too!

  9. Hey, where do I get to try this brand? I heard a lot about it thanks :)

  10. Thank you SO much for the awesome Diabolic Masquerade swatch! I'm definitely getting it now. :D

  11. VenusinVirgo,
    Oh Sorry! Here's the link:

    You are welcome! It's a gorgeous dark colour. I love it!