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Friday, March 12, 2010

Skindecent Natural Body Care order arrived! Wooo!

My husband, Jason, and I are going on a romantic getaway soon. Every year in the winter, we rent a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, mainly to go hot tubbing in the snow at night. It's so fun and totally romantic. So to help the romantic-ness, I placed an order with on February 26th for scrubs, bath bombs and lotion!  I just received it today. Pretty fast coming from Canada! Yay!

I like bakery/foody smells and Jason likes citrus smells. So this is what I got for us:

2 Body Polisher Scrubs in Orange Dreamsicle and Chestnuts & Brown Sugar

2 Manicure in a Minute Scrubs in Fresh Waffle Cone and Lemon Marshmallow Cake

2 Bath Kabooms (these babies are HUGE!) in Orange Dreamsicle and Enchantress

4 Soft As Silk Hand & Body Lotions in Orange Dreamsicle, Fresh Waffle Cone, Chestnuts & Brown Sugar and Cotton Candy Frosting

1 Hand Sanitizer in Orange Dreamsicle to keep in the car

Click on pics to enlarge:
Bag is busted a little but everything is fine :-)

Hand scrubs and Body Polisher Scrubs


Cute teddy bear Bath Kabooms! You can order them in a big ball or teddy bear. I find that the teddy bears are easier to break up...I just feel bad for the little guys when I whack 'em! :-P

Me holding one to show how big they are. Don't use it all at once...these bad boys go a long way.

Hand sanitizer

Awesome Free Samples with every order!

Scent Descriptions of the items I ordered:

Cotton Candy Frosting - (Medium Intensity) Similar to our Sweet Tooth scent but stronger. This scent may cause cavities

Orange Dreamsicle -  (Medium Intensity)- End of the summer favourite treat! Bright orange popsicle surrounding creamy vanilla ice cream

Fresh Waffle Cone - (Medium Intensity) A true scent consisting of butter, flour, a pinch of sugar and that "fresh baked crust" note.

Enchantress - (Medium Intensity) Similar to BBW's Brown Sugar & Fig, this enticing scent combines brown sugar, figs, coconut and a touch of amber
Lemon Marshmallow Cake - (Medium Intensity) A creamy lemon poundcake with a gooey marshmallow cream center & rich vanilla frosting smothered on top

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar - (Medium Intensity) A duplicate of Yankee Candle, Rich caramel and chestnuts with a creamy, buttery base! Everyone loves this rich and yummy scent!

I love how it's all packed in a cute bag with my name on it, like a gift (but I paid for it!). Everything arrived in perfect condition. No leaking or anything, even though the box smelled soooo good before I even opened it! OMG everything smells divine!
I've ordered several times from Skindecent and I can't say enough good things about them. I have loved everything I have tried. The quality of the products and service is amazing. Marliss, the owner, is a sweet woman and I enjoy dealing with her. If you have not tried this company, you should!


  1. I nominated you slapper ;D

  2. That bath kaboom is HUGE! Gosh. Orange Dreamsicle sounds really nice. I am definitely going to have to try some stuff, if intl. shipping isn't too expensive... Hmmm. My bank balance will not be happy with you, Blix...

  3. awww sounds so romantic!!:)
    u make me wanna go on a holiday!hehe

  4. OMG You could totally murder somebody with those bath bomb bears. Keep it next to your bed for intruders! :D WHACK!

  5. OM NOM NOM those scents sound so good.

  6. This stuff sounds awesome... I want some. And that trip sounds sooo fun and romantic! That is something I would love to do when I am married. :)

  7. WOW that teddy bear is HUGEEEEEE.I love citrus scents too! lOLOL

  8. SilhouetteScreams,
    Awesome and thank you! these scents are yummy!

    I told you they were massive! It smells like orange sherbet. :-D Uh oh, me no want your bank account to be unhappy with me! :-P

    Oh yeah! We all need a holiday once in a while. :-D

    Ha! I will keep that in mind! They are pretty heavy and I'm fairly sure they could do some damage to someone's melon...

    This stuff IS awesome. You should try it some time. I loves it! When you get married, make sure you go hot tubbing in the snow. It is so amazingly fun and romantic.

    It is! These citrus smells are fresh but warm. So yummy!

  9. Looks lovely! And I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Sounds amazing :D.

    Would you say they are cheaper than Lush? Lush prices have skyrocketed since I first learned about them :(.

  10. Yes! I would say these are MUCH cheaper than Lush. This huge bath kaboom is well over a pound and only costs $9. Everything is a very decent price. LOVE it!