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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heather of Eyeconic, you are in big trouble!

For getting me such great samples from Fyrinnae! :-)  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot say it enough, you are such a sweetie! Heather got me this order for my Birthday, as I have never tried their shadows or lippies. These eyeshadows are freaking gorgeous! And I know I'll have to buy more now that I can see in person how beautiful they all are...Did I recently mention something about self-control in regards to my savings account??? :-P  Uh oh! Just kidding.
 Thanks to Heather for brightening up my day. I really appreciate this.

I have no idea what the shade descriptions are for these as the website is currently down, but I know many of you gals are more than familiar with these particular colours (I've seen you wear them!).
eyeshadows are: Lust bunnies, Dark Magik, Omgwtf, Digital Faerie, Warrior-Mage, Wicked (free sample)
lippies are: Visual Kei, Diabolic Masquerade

I'll have to do a look with these soon!

Again, thank you Heather! You better let me know when your Birthday comes around! I'll give you a naughty spanking and some pretty sparkly things. :-)


  1. How sweet of her! I love Fyrinnae, I hope you enjoy the goodies :D

  2. That's so awesome! I feel the need to share fyrinnae with others sometimes too lol. Wicked is one of my faves! I was just looking at that dark lippie last night. You'll probably love that one.

  3. Awww that was so sweet of her!!!

  4. Ahhh Visual Kei looks so pretty from the swatches that I've seen :D

  5. Lucky you!! I absolutely LOVE Fyrinnae!!! Happy (belated?) birthday (^_^)v

  6. heehee :) So glad you like them! And so bummed that my order from them hasn't gotten here yet :P You should totally do a look with omgwtf and digital faerie. These are the ones I see around a lot on the blogosphere.

  7. Aww i love me some Fyrinnae, how sweet of Heather :)

  8. Gorgeous! Please post a swatch of Diabolic Masquerade, at least; I've yet to find someone who has a decent swatch of that one, and I waantt iittt. :D

  9. RaeRae,
    It is! And I'm already plotting my first order of eyeshadows! Everything is so pretty. Which is why I have held off on buying them for two years...I know I would want to buy everything they have! Dun dun dun!

    Oh yes, Wicked is gorgeous! And this dark lippy was the first thing I tried. It's super dark but I love me some dark lisptick!

    I know! she's so awesome!

    I agree and it looks even nicer in person!

    Thank you! My birthday was on the 25th of last month. :-)

    Thank you sweet lady! When is your order supposed to get there? I hope you get it soon!

    Yes, she's a sweetie, I could just eat her alive!

    Monat de Moncada,
    I can certainly do that. :-D

  10. Heather,
    Yay! I can't wait to see what you got!