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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gold, Olive, Teal, Blue & Chartreuse Glitter Makeup look/Tutorial with Morgana Cryptoria

Since many of you seemed to like my tutorial, I did another for you today. Originally I wanted to do something that was more of a New Years Eve party look. But I've had this look in my head for a while and wanted to get it out!
Here you go:



Click "read more" below for the tutorial.

 Apply a very tiny amount of Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (or whatever anti-crease primer you like) to the upper lid with ring finger, let it set about 30 seconds. Then apply Detrivore Eye Primer on top and the lower lash line (it's sticky, a little shimmery and makes eyeshadow more bold) using the ring finger as well.

 Take a brush like MAC 217 (or any shader/blender brush you like) and apply Morgana's LE #5 just below the eyebrow and blend downward into the crease.

 Take Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Graffiti and line the lower lash line, starting in the middle of the eye and wing outward. You don't have to make this look pretty as it will be used as a guide for the eyeshadow going above it, as well as a guide for the glitter that will go on top of it.

 Take an angled shadow brush (or any shader/blender brush you like) and apply Morgana's Beowulf to the outer V by patting, then lightly sweeping upward towards the brow and into the crease.

 Take a brush like MAC 239 (or any shader brush you like) and apply Morgana's Lady of the Lake to the outer half of the upper lid by patting.

 Take a brush like MAC 239 (or any shader brush you like) and apply Morgana's Stonekeep to the inner half of the upper lid by patting.

 Then take a blending brush and place it in the center of your lid (where LOTL and Stonekeep meet), starting at the top (the crease area) and zig zag back and forth as you work your way down to the lash line. This will blend the 2 colours together and get rid of the harsh line that was dividing them. Repeat this as many times as you like until you blend the 2 colours the way you want.

 Take a small brush like MAC 228 and apply Morgana's Stonekeep to the inner half of lower lash line by patting.

 Take a small brush like MAC 228 and apply Morgana's Joust to the inner corner by patting.

 For this part I used Graftobian Glitter Glue (clear) and mixed it with Morgana's Elfin glitter (OMG love!). I used a small taklon brush to swipe it on top of the green liner.  The glitter glue can turn other types of brushes all nasty. Seriously use a taklon brush or a liner brush for this glue. If you don't have the Graftobian Glitter Glue, than Sally's Girl Glitter Glue works great as well as using any glitter liner as a base and then pat the loose glitter on top.

 This is a simple tip to help with glitter or eyeshadow fallout. While you are working with something that is messy, take a tissue or a cloth and firmly (not too firm of course!) hold it to your face to keep shadow or glitter from getting on your face.

 Take a liner brush like MAC 210 to mix with water and Kryolan Aquacolor liner - Black (the best liquid liner ever!) to get the consistency you like and gently, slowly apply to the upper lash line and extend outward to form a wing. Remember practice, patience and a steady hand will create lovely winged liner.
If you don't have Kryolan Aquacolor liner, then use whatever liner you want.

 Apply false lashes. I used Ardell #113 (my all time fav!). To help your false lashes look more natural, after you have applied them, go back over your lash line with the kryolan liner. This will help conceal the band. :-)

 Apply NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk to the water line. Will make your eyes look bigger. I transferred my Jumbo Pencil to a jar so I apply mine with a MAC 210 brush. It's easier than trying to stick that huge pencil in your eyeball and saves you more product so it will last much longer.

 Apply your fav mascara to your lower lash line. I used Cover Girl Volume exact mascara in Very Black

End result! Do you think I'm smecksay?!

Here's the rest of what is on my face:

Eyebrows: Ardell eyebrow powder in soft black (applied with MAC 266)

Lips: Morgana's Mystical Gloss in Plumeria

Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder in Translucent Light (applied using a flocked sponge by patting then blending) 
Joelle Cosmetics - Tropical Glow Radiance (applied to cheeks with a small angled blush brush) 

I really hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have any questions, please let me know!



  1. Oh my!! I love this tutorial. Usually I start from my inner eye, but I see the logic here starting at the outer eye and blending in. I also love that glitter, seriously my favorite shade of green. This look is amazing, like a soft green rainbow.

  2. Your blending is just so amazing. This is stunning.

  3. Wow! Absolutely beautiful color combination. Total win!

  4. What a gorgeous look!
    great tutorial

  5. Tutorials yeah<3 I hope my eye is getting well, becouse I want to try new makeups.. argh xD

  6. Beautiful makeup, goes without saying! But I am most impressed with your eyebrows, that's one of the best arches I've ever seen!

    Best, Lisamarie

  7. Wow this tutorial is fantastigorgeous! I absolutely love it :) You are obviously the queen of blending :D

  8. Gorgeous! And thank you for the tutorial :)

  9. Your makeup looks are exquisite! I esp love this one!

  10. Lahhhhhve the chartreuse and the glitter liner :)

  11. Glad you all liked the tutorial! Thank you! These are some of my most fav shadows from Morgana.
    I used to start with the inner corner but I would sometimes forget what I planned on doing for the outer eye area and would end up doing something different. So starting with the outer eye made it easier to get the more detailed and planned parts done, then the rest of the look is a breeze. Hope that makes sense. :-D