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Friday, January 8, 2010

What every gal should have in their purse...

 Last year I received this as a Birthday gift from a friend of mine. Shortly before my birthday I was assaulted by an ex-friend at a night club, which left me bruised, bleeding and feeling like I had been in a car accident.  I won't go into it more than that because I don't care to relive it, but this guy has since been convicted in court (in December) so justice is finally done. I believe all women should have some form of protection with them at all times. It really makes me sick to my stomach just thinking that there are men that exist in this world that have no respect for women and treat them like trash. Violence against women is an ugly, cowardly thing. You never know what can happen or when and where, so it's important for all of us to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves.
 So what is my weapon/protection of choice? Lipstick, bitches!


This is just one of the forms of protection I have. But since it comes in the form of a tube o' lipstick, I thought it was appropriate to share. :-) This is legal to carry as it is small. Typically blades that fall under 4" are considered legal to carry and are legal in my area.

Just don't mistake this bad boy for your real lipstick...

Do you have any form of protection?


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience, and glad it's over with a decent ending. Yikes.

    That lipstick is a nasty little thing that I would just love to have.

    As to what I do for self-defense - I take two different forms of martial arts and am starting up a self-defense class run by a cop. I hope to be bad-a$$ and confident enough that no one even tries to bother me.

  2. I want one of those. Granted I dont need it often, I was a scrapper in my younger days....Ive also noticed a great side effect of having a butt ton of tattoos is that I havent been harrassed in ages. which is nice :)

  3. Oh honey, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I know what thats like, for sure. I hope it gets better one day. My assault was a fairly long time ago (5 years-ish), but I still have nightmares about it. I was 16 and stupid though, so I didn't want to press charges cause I "loved" him. I wish I did now that I think he will do the same thing to other young girls. It's hard to forget since it affected my body so much. We're still not sure if I will be able to have kids :(

    I really like your lipstick XD I just carry mace (which is illegal here, but you are allowed to carry it after an assault...which is pretty messed up). I want to take self defense classes but they are so expensive. Now that I don't work downtown I hopefully won't need to use them! Plus, I have my big firefighter dad and cop brother to beat the shit out of anyone who wanted to hurt me.

  4. Aimee,
    I'm glad it's over too. I took a self-defense class, but you can never learn too much so I would like to take more classes. We all wanna be badasses!

    Well, the guy that attacked me is a 6 foot tall martial arts expert (which makes it even worse!) amount of tattoos or scrapper experience would have helped me in that situation, especially since he did so from behind me. Though being the confident person I am, I did not just sit there and take it. At the point where someone puts their hands on me, I will fight tooth and nail to protect myself.

  5. Lisa Kate,
    It's OK now. And I'm sorry you had to endure that from someone you "loved". I think it's even worse when it's someone you should be able to trust. I got a restraining order against him because of the incident, so this guy shouldn't be able to bother me again. Well, he could but it would be considered a high risk crime with guaranteed jail time. But he is a bit of a nutcase so I don't expect that anything is 100% over with. We have free self defense classes out here which is nice. Family protection is nice too. :-)

    The lipstick is totally worth getting. That's really strange that you would have to be assaulted before being able to carry mace. WTF? If someone died from an assault, wouldn't that be kinda late?

  6. Oh hun I didnt mean if I did get assaulted I wouldnt get my ass handed to me. Experience proves otherwise unfortunately. I meant more that after my own situation, I started using my male friends to learn grappling techniques and the basics of fist fighting. (ok and myabe I got into a few altercations with females that were not my fault) The second time I was attacked I wound up beaten nearly beyond recognition, but he didnt get what he wanted. But I have noticed that with tattoos I havent been harassed at bars or clubs when I do happen to go, whereas before them it was a regular occurrence that I would have to get a bouncer to help out with a douche who wouldnt understand that go away means go away.

  7. CthuLynny,
    Oh no, I totally understood what you meant. And sorry you had to experience your own horrible situations. Having any type of experience is certainly going to help and I think most people see folks with tattoos as being more tough, especially badass looking chicks. :-) I just mean this situation was not the norm because this guy knew me and my hubby and came straight to the night club specifically to bother us. He caught us completely by surprise and obviously has the advantage, being an expert in martial arts and being much much bigger than I am. Who the hell picks on a 110 lbs. girl??? Otherwise, I have no tattoos and no one has ever messed with me in a negative manner, probably based on the way I dress when I go out. This was the first time anyone had ever put their hands on me like that and I just don't want to experience that again. And if I do, I will be more prepared to handle myself better. Guys can be such pigs and alcohol doesn't help. I'm glad clubs have security and bouncers to help girls out in times of need.
    You are a sweet, awesome chick. :-D

  8. I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go thru athis! you are one brave girl and you should be proud of the fact that you faced the situation with gutts and emerged as a stronger person in life xoxo

  9. Yeah its pretty sad that a girl can hardly go places and feel safe, even with a husband/boyfriend/brother/friend. Its getting ridiculous. I remember a few years ago a tiny tiny girl who worked with me in the mall came running in freaked out while we were closing. she was covered in blood and petrified. Oddly though..I didnt see any scratches or cuts. The guy made the bad bad mistake of trying to attack her the same day she found out her fiance had cheated on her....the guy even tried to press charges agaisnt HER if you can beilieve it, and the cops who came asked her where the guy was who rescued her. They didnt believe she had done that much damage to a grown man.....she totally became my hero :D

  10. When I took a "practical defense" class for women, we learned a few defensive moves, but also learned to look at what we carried with us all the time...and how to use it as a weapon. My car key is a larger one, and can be used as a good gouging tool - and it's perfectly legal to carry.

  11. LiAnn,
    Yep, keys are great but all of mine are small and wouldn't do much. However, I have a tool on my keyring that is legal when on a keyring with keys. When you hold it making a fist, it has two pointy prongs that stick up on either side of the middle finger and has a larger prong that sticks out the bottom of your fist. It will punch holes in someone's skull. Serious damage from this bad boy.

  12. I'm so so sorry to hear about your assault. Luckilly i have never been attacked but am very frightened by it, particular after one guy made a 'joke' about raping me. Basically i was waiting for the toilet in a public place, he told me just to use the mens, i thanked him and went in, before i could shut the door he followed me in and started undoing his belt. I managed to run out and he claimed he was 'just joking' but i don't know, it was really terrifying.
    We're not allowed to carry any weapons in the UK (i think) and i don't even have an attack alarm, i really must get one.

  13. It's OK. Wow...that sounds super creepy! I'm glad nothing happened to you. Even if he was just joking, that's not something to joke about. How gross! You should find out the laws where you live. I think all women need some form of protection. An attack alarm...I must find out what that is!