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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cherry Culture Haul

I'm a little late in posting this but I got my order that I placed with the gift card I got from my mom for Christmas. It arrived a few days ago but I've been busy. Here are the goodies!

NYX Fabulous Eyelashes #104 (I like to wear these on the bottom lash line)
NYX Fabulous Eyelashes #144 (these I cut in half to wear on the outer corners)
NYX Mega Shine lipgloss in African Queen and Burgundy
NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Wild Orchid, Doll Pink, 24K and Queen of Africa (I just realized one is missing from the pic, OOPS!)

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Gold Sparkle
NYX mascara in Sky Teal, Gold, Bronze and Electric Blue
LAsplash mascara in Sea Squirt and Purple Tide

I have bought the false lashes before and love them! Which is why I bought more. But this was my first time trying the lipglosses and mascaras. The lipgloss feels nice and has great colours...but I really don't like the smell of any of them. Some smell like children's liquid tylenol which is a very medicinal cherry scent to me. Ew. That's all I can think of when putting it on. The others that don't smell like that, still have some sort of "smell" I don't care for. But I'll still wear them as it's not a big deal and they do look nice when worn. I wore a couple of them in recent looks. Anyone else notice the smells in these?

I haven't really had the chance to try the mascaras from NYX or LAsplash yet, but will try some out this week and let you know my opinion of them.

I took a break from listing auction items in my eBay store so no new items were listed last Sunday. Auctions resumed tonight and will continue to have regular weekly listings (starting/ending every Sunday night as usual and starting at only $.99!). It's back to the slave pit for me! Jeez I'm tired.


  1. Lol, I did an order to Cherry Culture last night, and bought a lots of things including some NYX falsies and Queen of Africa lipgloss! The gloss looks great IRL, can't wait for it to arrive :)

    Love your blog, by the way. Your photos are so nice and colorful :)

  2. Awesome haul! I can't wait to see what you do with 'em. :D

  3. Hi Blix....Great haul! I LOVE NYX's lipglosses.....The African Queen is one of my faves. :D

  4. Eeeew, cherry smell. Cool haul, I did my first Cherry Culture order a weekish ago... I already forgot what I ordered, teehee :P I really like those two bottom glosses. I noticed Too Face has diamond lip glosses, and so does NYX, do you know if they are at all similar?

  5. What is the middle round lipstick called? It's gorgeous. I have African Queen and LOVE IT!

  6. Sagu,
    Thank you! You'll have to do a post and show us what you got!

    Thanks! Oh no so much pressure! J/K

    This Winter,
    It is very pretty! I have worn it a few times and love it.

    I don't know if they are similar. I've never tried Too Face lip glosses. I wonder who would know...

    The one in the middle is Queen of Africa (not to be confused with African Queen) they aren't the same thing of course. I love African Queen too. Such a pretty colour. Once cherry Culture has another sale, I'll probably order more glosses. :-)

  7. Oooh beautiful! I bought some NByx satuff from there a while back, including Queen of Africa. it's a beautiful colour but i do agree with you about the smell! To me it's sort of like a lemon cough sweet. I want Doll pink and african queen now anyway :P

  8. Lillian,
    Yeah the colours are very pretty but I just don't get the smell. Why would anyone want to wear lipgloss that smells like cough syrup? Ew!