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Monday, January 4, 2010

Blush Baby etsy store haul Bloody Peacock!

I ordered a super hot and pretty Bloody Peacock feather hair fascinator from I just received it on Saturday. I was pretty out of it that day so I didn't take any pictures of it until today. While I could make something like this myself, I still like to support other sellers and do so very often. Here's the pretty thing!

With the package came 2 free samples of glitter and a couple business cards which have beauty tips on the back. Purple and teal are my fav glitter colours to use (although I don't seem to use them very often!). I will have to do a look with them sometime soon. As well as do a look to go with the Bloody Peacock. :-)

Here is the website for the makeup:
Rish's blog:


  1. YEAH! I'm pumped they finally arrived! I glad you love the sparkles, as I have been using them very often and they do make me feel beautimus.hahaha
    thanks EM!

  2. Julissa,
    Oh yeah, thanks!

    Thank you! I need to wear it soon! When I do, I'll post pics for ya. :-)