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Monday, January 18, 2010

If you love bloomers like I do...

Then you need to check out this site!


All Wild Card Collection items are 25% off! I have several pairs of these cuties. They have long, short and really short bloomers in various colours (stripes, solid colours). Also, they have these really kickass purses, bags and belts that are also 25% off. The holster bag is my fav! Has adjustable, removable straps that will make you look like you're carrying around a gun, but it's just a purse. :-)

I love this purse because it's hands free. You don't have to keep putting it on your shoulder or holding on to it because it clings to your shoulders. You just put it on and go! You'll never have to worry about losing it when you go out. Plus you will have tons of gals asking your where you got it!

I also have the rider belt. It's great because it has so many pockets and it looks really cool. I couldn't find a good picture of it so I included one of me wearing mine out at the club. You can see my cell phone (it's big) and lipliner sticking outta the pockets! Oops! This looks so cute worn with the bloomers too. :-)

They also carry lotsa other cool stuff that is currently not on sale. Go check 'em out! I love this site so I wanted to share the discount with all of you! No code needed, just add to the cart and the items will automatically be discounted. :-) This sale ends at the end of the month so you have plenty of time to browse before you make a purchase. If only I had a million dollars...I'd buy almost everything.

See anything you like? If you do buy anything, lemme know as I'd love to see what you got! I placed a small order this morning...I can't imagine I'll see these on sale like this again.


  1. CthuLynny,
    Yes, they are hot!

  2. Their earrings are amaaaaazing, wow. Winged spirals...

  3. Kim,
    They are so pretty! Too bad most of them are over $50 and some are over $500!

  4. Kinda makes me want to give my new sewing machine a workout....

  5. Lynny,
    Ah you should! My sewing machine sucks but I still use it here and there to make all sorts of things. Although I have not attempted to make bloomers...not sure why. I guess I should get on that.