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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 101

 I was tagged by the sweet Heather! I must list 10 things that make me happy and tag 10 other blogs. I normally don't like doing things like this but I figured I'd do it anyway.

1. My sweet honey bunny, Jason. And his eyes totally look like that naturally. ;-)

2. My furbabies, Athan and Maya. They are so loving with us and with each other.
Athan as a baby (sleeping):

Maya in mid yawn:

3. Belly dancing and dancing in general! Wooo! Dancing is my passion, my way to cut loose and burn some energy. This is me dancing with a crazy grin and a former dance mate. Reehaaa!

4. Camping! We go camping several times during the summer in Rocky Mountain National park. So beautiful out here! Such a great way to unwind and take a break from the concrete jungle. And yes, I still take my makeup with me. :-D  I took this pic myself. Looks better than a post card!

5. Exercising! I know everyone thinks I'm lame for this but I love working out. Whether it be body sculpting, yoga, pilates, hiking, mountain biking or dancing, I just love being active. Not only is it good for your body but it's good for your mind as well. I feel like total crap if I miss a workout day. Cathe Friedrich is my all time fav fitness instructor and I have most of her DVD's. I love her and would love to meet her some day. :-D

 6. Creating! I love doing crafty things. I sew a lot of my own clothes/costumes, make jewelry (well duh, it's my job!) and make hair and feather accessories for my friends, myself and my store. :-)

7. I love decorating! I just like to take something that's plain and make it into something gorgeous that leaves people wondering if I hired a decorator. Nope, I did it myself!  I'm currently into a mix of Moroccan with a modern flair. I'll have to post pics of my place some time so you may see what I mean.

8. Bubble baths. There's nothing like taking a hot bath full of tons o' bubbles and my nekkid man. Oh yeah! Whether it's from being cold, after a hard workout or just because you want to relax, taking bubble baths are just wonderful to me and I take one every single night!

9. The Dexter show is my fav show since I saw the first episode. My dad, of all people, was really excited and said I had to watch it. So I did and now I'm totally obsessed.  Watching and talking about it makes me all giddy. I just love how he refers to killing other evil killers as "taking out the trash".

10. I put makeup last because while I really enjoy putting makeup on and sharing my looks, I feel it's not something that deep down makes me really happy. It's more so a creative outlet and a way for me to be different. It is a lot of fun and playing with new colours and creating gorgeous looks is something we all love. And if I'm able to help someone else with makeup and make them feel good about themselves, that makes me happy. :-)

So rather than trying to find 10 people to curse with tagging them. I figured I would tag anyone who bothers to read this. If you have read this and feel you want to post the 10 things that make you happy, then go for it! :-)


  1. Aw, your cats are so pretty. :) I love cats..and that everyone has them, haha.

  2. Julissa,
    Thank you. They are sweeties. Cat people are cool!

  3. Cute kitties!

    Also crafting and decorating make me a happy girl too. Thanks to my husbands profession, we move ALOT...and the first things that get unpacked and put up are the living room decor. It just doesnt feel like home without it.

  4. CthuLynny,
    Thanks. :-) Decorating is a great way to personalize any space and make it your own. My Dad was in the Army so I know all about moving a butt ton and decorating all the time. That's probably why I like doing it.

  5. Heehee those kittehs are adorable!!

    I miss bubble baths :( We don't have a tub in this apartment, so only showers for me! Sometimes I want to sneak into my mom's house and use their jacuzzi when no ones home! (Which, by the way, they put in after I moved I've never used it...and really want to!!)

  6. Lisa Kate,
    Thank you! Noooo! I would die if I didn't have a tub. I could not survive! I would totally go bust into your parents house and borrow that jacuzzi. Someone's gotta use it! Why not you?