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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pink, Green and Purple look using Archetype

Made a green one! Wooo!

Will be available soon: The Moon Maiden ETSY store


You can see my hands with the camera in the reflections in my eyes...


Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Shengjim Crystal Bright Eyeshadow pencil in pink (used as base, applied all around the eye, then rubbed in with ring finger)
Archetype - China White (inner corner, applied with MAC 228 by patting)
Archetype - Transylvanian Concubine (middle of upper lid, applied with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
Archetype - Night Jaguar (outer V and lower lash line, applied with with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
Simpley Natural's - Flesh (inner corner and under brow using MAC 217 and blending/softening the edges)
Avon Luxury eyeliner pencil in eggplant (upper lash line)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Covet (water line)
Morgana Minerals Ultimate Volume Mascara in green

Avon Glazewear lipgloss in intense plum

Jane Cosmetics Nearly Foundation SPF 30 in Fair (applied with fingertips)
Earth-Glo Minerals powder foundation in lightest nude (applied with kabuki brush)
TKB - Sparkle Rose applied on cheeks and nose (with an angled blush brush)


  1. I love China White and have it in full size, I just feel guilty wearing any Archetype colors these days. I never got a response to the letter that I wrote and mailed to Archetype.

  2. That's a gorgeous combo. Love those colors on you.

  3. I understand. However, my experience with them was decent. I know that others' weren't so great. I feel that since I spent the time and money ordering these, then I should be able to wear them and not feel bad. I don't think it's necessary for these eyeshadows and the money I spent, to go to waste just because the CS is beyond lame. I mean, you spent the money AND all that time waiting. Just use 'em, enjoy 'em and don't look back. You not ordering from them again I think is enough of them getting what they deserve. Which is no more of your money. :-) I surely won't bother ordering from them again. They don't deserve it!

  4. Oh no! I never meant to imply that you should feel guilty! You look lovely hon! I just feel guilty >.<

  5. Yay green looks! Out of all the sample baggies I got I don't have a single one of the colours you used lol
    Transylvanian concubine looks like a really nice green, but I don't want to wait another 4.5 months :D

  6. Phyrra,
    No worries! I didn't think you were implying anything, I just wanted to give my side as I do get negative comments once in a while about them when I post a look with their stuff. Which I totally understand! I can say that I do feel bad for all the ladies whom have had bad experiences with them. It seriously sucks and makes me angry. But again...I have almost all of Archetype's eyeshadows. If I didn't use them, THAT would make me feel bad. Ya know? So I think you should use what you have, but don't order anymore. I don't recommend anyone ordering from them just from hearing all the negatives or horror stories I should say. You shouldn't feel guilty tho. :-)
    And thank you!

  7. AxSDenied,
    It is an awesome green! Oops! Yeah, I don't want to wait that long either so I don't blame ya. They have pretty colours but I won't ever tell anyone to order from them again even if my experience was good. They need to get their shit together!

  8. BLArgghgh you always make me want to order Archetype... I sent them an email last week asking about shipping time, saying I would wait the time, just wanting to know. Never got an answer. >:[

  9. Heather,
    I'm sorry! Ugh...she needs to hire some extra help to get things organized and running smoothly. I just don't get why anyone would want to put their time and effort into creating lovely products but put no time and effort into making the business work well. It's nuts! My passion is to make pretty things AND offer the best CS I can. I would never be able to make pretty stuff and not give a damn about my customers. It's just wrong!
    Oh, and I doubt you will ever get a response. :-/

  10. Wow, girlie, this looks fab!!! I think I have that green somewhere...must check, its beyond gorgeous!!

    I also really like what you said about wearing their colors and not feeling guilty too, I'm in the same boat as Phyrra, I don't want to seem like I am saying how they run their business is okay, but hell, I spent my money on em and I'm gonna wear it, damn it!!

  11. Lisa Kate,
    Thank you! It is a gorgeous green!

    I'm glad you see what I mean. I know many gals are frustrated with them but I feel that if you go through all that trouble to get these, then you should absolutely use 'em! Otherwise it was all for nothing. My experience was super fantabulous compared to others. I got my stuff quickly and they answered my emails. I have no idea why it was different for me tho. If I could fly out there for a week and get her orders under control so everyone would get their stuff quickly, I would!

  12. Pretty!

    I like this green one a lot! Those green feathers are pretty. :D