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Friday, December 25, 2009

For those of you who celebrate...

  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Wooo! All I mainly wanted was to have a white Christmas and I got it! Still doesn't feel much like Christmas to me though. I think the older I get the less and less I feel the...what would you call it...the spirit of Christmas? I'm not feelin' it and haven't for a long time. But I still decorate and put up a tree to feel festive. I do love this time of year even without that magical feeling I got as a child.

 Now onto the gifts! I wanted to share what I received as I really want to see what others received too. I did get some pretty makeup gifts that I have been wanting for a long time along with some other non-makeup stuff. Like a seriously cool LED keyboard! I've been needing a new keyboard for a long time. I have naturally long/sharp nails and I put grooves in my keys that are so deep it looks CRAZY. So there were no letters and hardly any numbers on my keyboard. Other people could not use my keyboard as they couldn't see what key was what. I'm used to typing a lot so I never think about it. But I'd like to have a keyboard that doesn't look like my cats use it...hee hee. When it's darker, I will get a picture of it to show you what it looks like. glows red. :-)

 Also, I got a sweetheart style choli. If you don't know what that is, it's a bellydance top that shows off your belly (choli means show). I'm a bellydancuh and have been for almost 8 years.  So naturally I wanted this sweet as hell style of top.  If I ever get a pic of me wearing it, I show ya what it looks like. Super cute!

 The other non-makeup gift was a flower hair clip with a very pretty cameo in the center. I love it! 

My mom got me a Cherry Culture gift card so I placed an order with that a couple days ago and haven't received it yet. I may post a haul and show ya what I got when it does arrive. :-)

I got the Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash Collection (which I have been wanting for the longest time it seems):

I got another Stars Makeup Haven palette (some of you knew I was getting one if you read my last SMH post). I already rearranged them in the order I I don't have a list of the new colours and it didn't come with an invoice...and the colours I got don't show up on the payment email notification either. Oops! But here are both of them anyway:




And last but not least, I got an Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Rainbow Prism. It flashes so many different colours that I took a lot of pictures so you may see the absolute gorgeousness!!!

 Can't wait to try out everything.

 Anyway, I hope all of you are having a wonderful day and look forward to seeing what goodies you received and the pretty looks you wore today.



  1. merry Christmas :) Awesome gifts! WOW I so want that gloss!

  2. That is INSANE lipgloss!! ME WANTS!

  3. I'm glad you had a great holiday!! I love that flower (cameos are my thing!) and I can't wait to see your new bellydancing top! So cute! I've been eyeing that UD set too...Not sure if I need it though, I'll have to wait and see your looks!! And that lipgloss? I want!!! So gorgeous!!

  4. MichelleB,
    Thank you! Ugh...that gloss is to die for!

    You can get it on eBay for a decent price if you wants it!

    Lisa Kate,
    Oh, I love cameos too. This one is super perty! I did need that set. I mainly use wet/cake eye liner on my upper lid, so I've been trying to get a hold of some good eyeliners in many colours, for the lower lash line and water line. These are great!
    And seriously, the pictures do not do the lipgloss justice. So much prettier in person!

  5. That gloss looks like it was made with a mica called "kiwi rose" aka Travel to Earth.

  6. Julissa,
    Yeah, the gloss is awesome!

    It does look similar but I think it's more complex. I could not photograph every colour it was showing. You should make a gloss like this! :-P