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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Morgana Mineral's Haul! Woohoo!

Today I received an order from Morgana Mineral's that I placed on November 14th. While nobody likes waiting for their orders, this was worth the wait for sure! Here's what I got:

Vegan Lipstick in Shrieking Violet (bright violet)

Cosmetic glitter in the following colours:
Copper Plum (Plum-brown with brilliant copper sparkle)
Black Hole (Deep black with silver shimmer)
Midnight (Deep, midnight blue)
Desire (Dark red sparkle)
Cranberry (cool toned pink)
Everglades (Muted blue-green with sparkles of green, violet, and a hint of red twinkle)
Siren (Bright warm red sparkle)
Berryfull (Violet & blue on a purple background)
Teal Twist (Teal with violet sparkle on a dark blue background)
Changeling (Purple, violet, and green sparkles)
Twinkling Teal (Sparkles of green, violet, and hints of red on a muted teal background)
Christmas Gold (Brilliant gold with hints of red sparkle on a muted gold background)
Shifty Eyed (This unique color changes green, blue, and purple depending how you look at it)

Glitz Fix Glitter Adhesive (also got an extra one free!)

Lip Fix Neutralizer

Ulitmate Volume Mascara in Plum, Green and Blue

Also, I received a few free samples of:
Harken from the Spirit of Christmas collection (Copper, red, and gold flecks on a minty matte)
Mutiny from the Shimmer me Timbers Pirate Collection (A stunning dusky purple with intense color shifts of blue, green, and violet)
Tavern Wench also from the Pirate Collection (Dark green-black with blue-violet-to-pink sparkles)
Morgana's Mysterious Veil (A sweep of this unique, light mint-tinted veil will give you a luminous, subtle color-changing look. Softens appearance & shifts gold, blue & silver-green)
Blue Mineral Foundation (White with a hint of blue. Wear alone or over another color. Blue also helps to correct orange tones)

 I'm very pleased so far with everything I received. I will be posting some looks with these babies starting right away! These glitters are soooo pretty! Can't wait to wear them. And the free samples I got are kick ass too! Holy cow they are lovely. I especially love Mutiny and Tavern Wench! I'm looking forward to trying all of these and will let you know how they are. :-)

Do you see anything you like?

Check out the website here:
Morgana Minerals


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  5. I'm sorry, but I felt it necessary to delete the comments above, including my own. I don't want any arguments started on my blog. While I am OK with people stating their opinions and feelings, whether they be good or bad, I don't want it getting to the point where it turns ugly. I'm not picking sides here as I love Lisa Kate's blog and I am an obvious repeat customer and supporter of Morgana Minerals. Let's keep my blog a happy place. :-) Thank you for understanding!

  6. I actually feel that the Morgana Minerals samples, especially the glitter samples, are huge. I was surprised when I got mine a while ago. I'd love to hear what you think of the mascara.

  7. They are HUGE samples for sure. The mascara is pretty decent. It's a little on the dry side but I put a couple drops of glycerin in mine and used the mascara wand to sort of mix it up a bit and it worked better. :-) It's not clumpy but it's a little difficult to get on my lashes. So I rub the wand side to side while working up, in sort of a quick zig zag pattern. That works really well. I'm going to keep using for a while and give a better review on it. :-)

  8. Hello,

    I'm a new reader to your blog.
    I love the glitter colours,is the glitter fine?The colours are gorgeous!

  9. Hi Jasmine,
    Some of the glitter is very fine like dust (.004) and some is more "chunky" (.008). On their website, it states which one the glitter is. :-) Hope that helps.