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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dashboard issues!

 For the past few weeks I have been having problems with my blog dashboard. I sign in and often it says I am following no one and I can't see anyone's updates/posts on my reading list. Does anyone else have this issue? I feel bad because I want to look and comment on your lovely blog posts, but I'm often not able to because nothing shows up and it sometimes lasts for several hours at a time.
 This sooo annoys me!  Please forgive me if it seems like I post things and don't leave comments on your posts. This is not on purpose as I absolutely love reading/commenting on your blogs. :-)
Thank you for understanding!


  1. Yes, the Blogger dashboard does this to me on a regular basis. I've just been reading everyone's posts through Google Reader now because of it.

  2. Same here! I always use Google Reader now, all the blogs you "follow" are on it, plus you can put other blogs from Wordpress or anything with an RSS feed too!

  3. Ha! I had no idea that was there...I'll start using that now. Thank you!

  4. I've had the same. Usually if I close dashboard, wait a few minutes and reopen it, it works.

  5. I have this problem too. I'll have to check out this google reader thingy.