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Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Haul! Weee!

It finally arrived! I ordered 40 samples, totally taking advantage of the sale at the time. I've been drooling over Hi-Fi for a while and figured it was time to get a few...OK a lot of samples and try it out. I got these in the mail yesterday while I was still working. Some of you know I own my own biz, creating and selling my jewelry/feather designs online. I work at home from 9-5, cracking the whip on myself to make sure I do actually work since I don't have a boss breathing down my neck. BUT these bad boys arrived around 4. I was tempted to stop working and immediately start sifting through the colours and figure out which ones I wanted to try out first. Instead, I managed to keep myself working while eye-humping these pretty things until 5 came around. :-D

 Christmas Collection:

Colour Descriptions:
GRINCH is a vivid lime green with a nice sparkle. This color is a lot sweeter than the grouch it was named after! :)
VISIONS OF SUGARPLUM is a sugary sweet plummy shimmer. Gorgeous!
SILVER BELLS is the sparkliest, most silvery silver I've created yet! This beauty makes a statement on its own, or you can pair it with any other color for an eye-popping shimmer!
SANTA, BABY is an icy blue with cool aqua shimmer. "Santa, out-of-space convertible too, light blue...I'll wait up for you dear. Santa, baby...and hurry down the chimney tonight."
LET IT SNOW reminds me of stepping outside first thing in the morning, after it has snowed all night, and seeing the crystalline blanket of snow glittering in the sun. This color is super sparkly and absolutely amazing!
HOT COCOA is a rich milk chocolate with a pearl finish. Yum!
FELIZ NAVIDAD is a deep red with gold and crimson sparkles!
DECK THE HALLS is a bright evergreen with a super dose of bold green glitter!
CHAMPAGNE TOAST is reminiscent of bubbly champagne on New Year's Eve! It's a peachy gold with a hint of pink pearl. Gorgeous!
ADESTE FIDELES is a super-shimmery gold with a cool green interference

Regular Colours:

 Four of these were free samples: Lithium, Blackout, Last Dance and Sweet Child. Those are super pretty too and two of them were on my list for the next order. :-D
Colour Descriptions:
BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE is a rich, luxurious purple with violet sparks! Regal!!!
DISTORTION is a mega-bright chartreuse pearl with an INSANE amount of green and gold shimmer!
LIVE LARGE is an extremely vivid violet with blue iridescence. BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!!!
BLACK MAGIC is an ultra-shimmery gunmetal gray with glimmering hologram sparkles! AMAZING!
PUNK ROCKER is a dark pink metallic shade with LOTS of flamingo pink sparkle! ROCK ON!!
PIXIES is a bright, iridescent purple! Lots of glitz...just like a vision of pixie dust!
SWEET EMOTIONS is a purple-pink color shifter with lots of sparkle!
TOURNIQUET is a very pale, pearly lavender.
TAINTED LOVE is a rich, shimmery purple with silver sparkles!
SACRELICIOUS is a deep black with bright purple glitter!
RISING TIDE is a deep, ultra-sparkly teal. Reminiscent of the deep sea, this color is amazingly beautiful!
MIND MANIPULATOR is a super-duper bright orange with a pearl finish!
MIDNIGHT HOUR is a blackish purple with hologram sparkles!
LIVE BY PASSION is a pearly, opaque fuschia with pink glitters!
FALLEN ANGELS is a deep, smokey purple-grey with lots of sparkle! Dramatic!
APHRODISIAC is a shimmering plum with a golden glint of intense sparkle!
AMAZED is a shimmering lavender with amazing sparkle!
ALONE is a shimmering, icy blue-violet.
RAINDROPS ON ROSES is a neutral rose hue with lots of sparkle and a surprise turquoise iridescence! Reminds me of crisp water drops on a soft rose petal. LOVE IT!!!
PARANOID is an insanely intense black with so much sparkle, it will seriously blow your mind!!! I recommend this color be worn over a base to improve adhesion and deepen the color. Also, when used with mixing medium, it becomes a really dark black glitter liner!!!
AGGRESSION is a rich two-toned plum-pink. This color can be tricky to work with, so I strongly recommend using a base with it. It's a truly intense hue!
SPIKE THE PUNCH is a color-shifting bright plum color with beautiful blue-green interference. Unique and gorgeous!!!
JULIA DREAM is an amazingly shimmery blue with lime green and purple sparks. Created by my five year old daughter, Julia!!! :)
FUNKY MUSIC is a "Heinz 57" of sorts. This color has a dominant blue base with a hint of purple metallic flecks. It also has green interference when the light hits it. Top all that off with silver, purple, and pink sparkles, and have something truly AMAZING and definitely FUNKY!!!
MY PAIN is a dark, bloody burgundy with cappuccino sparkles. INTENSE!
TROUBLED WATER is an intense, deep teal with lots of hologram sparkles! Makes a gorgeous eyeliner!!!
PLUSH is a glitzy purple that pictures cannot do justice! Super sparkly and fantastic!
MY PRIDE is a vivid violet with tons of purple sparks! GORGEOUS color!
VOODOO is a cool, deep red with lots of shimmer! AWESOME shade!!
DECADENCE is as gold as gold can be! Metallic and sparkling at the same time, this color is rich!!! You will not regret purchasing this beauty!!!

Free sample Descriptions:
LITHIUM is a dramatic blue with plenty of shimmer! This color is BRIGHT, and I love it!
BLACKOUT is exactly BUT...this one has a surprise silver sparkle! Just like a pitch-black starry sky!
LAST DANCE is a metallic brass color with tons of golden sparkle. LOVELY!
SWEET CHILD appears very pale in the jar, but when applied, it is a very pearly, sheer pink.

Phew! That was a lot of copying and pasting!!! Everything looks lovely. Veronica is a sweet, sweet lady with excellent customer service. I look forward to playing with these and I know I will order more in the future! Weeeee!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see your looks ;)

  2. Finally! Haha I'm so happy for you!! XD Please, please, please swatch these up! I don't have all of those colors and I might need to get em!

  3. Phyrra,
    I'll be playing with these a lot so look out!

    Lisa Kate,
    This is a lot to swatch but since I'm not busy this weekend, I might be able to do that for ya. :-) Hopefully my brain will behave and not let me forget. :-O