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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Morgana Minerals arrived yesterday! Woot!

I now have the Spirit of Christmas and Shimmer me Timbers collections from Morgana Minerals, along with a few other regular items:

Foundation Primer was free with coupon code for orders over $50. I believe that is still going on!
Blue Mineral Foundation - White with a hint of blue. Wear alone or over another color. Blue also helps to correct orange tones.
Free Broken promise loose pigment sample (no shade desciption yet)
Free Fortress loose pigment sample (no shade desciption yet)
Free Paranormal loose pigment sample (not available on the website yet)
Light Mineral Foundation sample - Light, peachy-brown tone. Darker than Pale N, but less brown than Light Neutral. Use alone or mix with other shades. (I already transferred mine to a jar)
Glittering Poinsettia Vegan Lipstick - Dark red with gold sparkles.(This was my request!)
Azalea Vegan Lipstick sample - Hot Pink
Turquoise Vegan Lipstick sample - Aqua
Ice Queen Vegan Lipstick sample - Icey Aqua
Hottie Cosmetic Glitter sample - Hot pink with a purple tint and contrasting sparkles. .004 in size
Dragon Cosmetic Glitter sample - Dark plum-brown background with multi-color sparkles. .008 in size.
Morta Loose pigment sample - Charcoal with rainbow sparkle.

Spirit of Christmas sample set:
Snowballs chance - A semi-transparent, white with silver sparkle combined with glowing flecks of blue and violet. Color shifts lavender, green, and blue.
Twinkling Cherrine -Bright, twinkling red.
Silver Bells - Metallic silver with silver-white sparkles.
Shady Pines - Blackened pine with glowing green sheen and bright green sparkles.
Ornamental Gold - Metallic gold
Burning Embers - Metallic, smoldering red-brown.
North Pole - Icy teal with flecks of pink-violet.
Harken - Copper, red, and gold flecks on a minty matte.
Pumpkin Pie - Deep orange with gold highlights.
Tinsel Me - Medium, metallic grey with silver highlights.

Shimmer Me Timbers - Pirate Collection samples:

Port Royale - Bright blue with blue, blue green, and violet color shifts.
Walk the Plank - Vivid blue, twinkles of aqua with subtle shifts of blue, blue-violet, & blue-green.
Madagascar - A cool toned pink-cherry with a hint of purple-blue sheen.
Buried Treasure - Lemon yellow with twinkles of aqua & a pearl sheen shifting red/copper.
Pirate's Loot - Sparkly, semi-transparent gold with a lemony backdrop
Mutiny - A stunning dusky purple with intense color shifts of blue, green, and violet. Changes colors depending on how you view it in person.
Horizon - Pink-peach like the glow of a sunset.
Grog Blossom - Soft peach-red with subtle color shifts & green sparkle. Appears peach or coppery red depending on the angle.
Arrr Matey (doesn't have a descriptions)
Piece of Eight - Silver with gunmetal glitter. Not too sparkly - don't be shy... ;)
Tavern Wench - Dark green-black with blue-violet-to-pink sparkles.
Davey Jones' Locker - Navy-black nearly matte with a hint of blue sparkle. Wear foiled or over primer to bring out the blue sheen.
Jolly Roger - Matte black with shimmering silver-white sparkles. Very sparkly!
Crow's Nest - Metallic bronze-gold with gold twinkles.
Marooned - Red-plum with turquoise sparkles.

So that is everything I ordered. I'll be doing some looks with these bad boys very soon!


  1. Oooh, so pretty! You are helping me get my wish list up to order status :D. Fortress looks gorgeous.

  2. Tally7,
    Good I'm glad! Fortress is such a pretty purple...I need to do a look with it soon!