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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

L'OREAL Telescopic Explosion Mascara Review

 Most of us have heard something or even seen the commercials about this mascara with its "morning star" weapon-like head.

  I've been wanting to try it since it does claim that it reaches even the tiniest of lashes. I have sort of crazy lashes that can grow super long and at super annoying angles, like straight down into my eye! The outer corners are longer and much harder for me to reach as the upper and lowers lashes touch and often get tangled. The very tips of my upper lashes can sometimes randomly curl in any direction. Most girls need eyelash curlers...I could sure use a straightener on mine! Seriously, they look nuts!

 Anyway, I took some before and after pictures as soon as I woke up. So excuse my tired/puffy eyes. I wanted to try this out before I washed my face to get ready for my makeup ritual. :-)



With mascara:


Um...yeah, they look crazy. So I can say it does make my lashes seem longer/fuller. However, it claims it doesn't leave clumps, but it does after 2 coats.

Affordable (I bought mine at Walmart for under $10)
Brush head works for easy application of harder to reach lashes

Clumps after 2 coats
Takes a bit longer to apply since the brush is smaller but not a big deal

I'm not sure at this time if I would buy it again. I will keep using this and add more to this review as it comes to me.

Has anyone else tried this? I'm curious to know what you think.


  1. the one I have is similar to that and it definetly isn't the best. I hate that it clumps up like that not cool.

  2. ZombieKitten,
    Yeah it's weird for sure. My lashes look like spider legs!

  3. I love mine, but I only apply one light coat and go over my lashes with an eyebrow/eyelash comb. I have to do that with any mascara, though because my eyes are so sensitive to mascaras. Plus, it looks like your lashes are longer than mine, so, maybe that makes a difference? Sorry it didn't work great for you.

  4. It may also be because it's the first time using it? I know with most of mine, the first few days are a write off. They seem to have to thicken first to look fantastic

  5. Madeleine Bouquet,
    I always comb mine too (I have to or they look terrible!). Mine are pretty long but I don't know what the deal is. I will keep testing it out and see if there is a way to get it to work for me.

    I dunno, I've never had a mascara be this crappy on the first try. I am going to keep using it for a while and see if it gets better tho. :-) I'd like to get a lash primer too. That might help me with smoothing the crazies out first. I will post again once I've used it a few more times. :-D

  6. Mascara like this is the reason I wouldn't wear mascara until a year ago! I thought my friends lashes looked like spider legs. They just didn't buy good mascaras, I guess. When I saw the commercial I felt like this brush wouldn't work well at all...suspicion confirmed. Thanks for the review!