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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tactical Sekt Show Pictures

Tactical Sekt is my favourite band of all time! I'm pretty sure most of you, if not all of you, don't know who they are. They are an industrial band that never seem to tour in the US. I'm guessing they just aren't that popular here and the turn out for the show was beyond disappointing. But I am so happy I got to see them! I was front and center, so close that I got to touch them all several times. I'm not a star struck kind of person, but it was amazing to see them in person! Jay (the drummer) was trying to get the crowd all pumped up by standing on the rail and yelling but he fell on me and hit my friend in the face on his way down! Uh...yeah it hurt but I was like, OMG!

I got my exercise for the day...danced the entire time they played...which was over an hour. Wee!

Here's more info on them (I stole from their FB):
Tactical Sekt is an elektro-industrial act consisting of Anthony Mather (USA - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming), Robert Schott (Live Synths,Visuals) and Jay Taylor (UK - Live Drums). They are known for their powerful, noisy, dark electronic sound.

Tactical Sekt was conceived in the mind of Anthony Mather in about 2002/2003. Mather previously had experience with elektro-industrial music in his former band, Aslan Faction.

After some time, Aslan Faction stopped performing live and making new music, which persuaded Anthony Mather to devote himself totally to Tactical Sekt. The album “Geneticide” was soon put out and it featured, as Ant said in one interview: “…mostly songs that didn’t fit into Aslan Faction music profile…”.

Soon after “Geneticide” in 2003, “Burn Process” was released. The music and the atmosphere was much more euro-trance alike, emphasizing that Aslan Faction days were over.

In the following years Tactical Sekt were mostly performing live and doing remixes for other acts.

In spring 2006, a new album was coming out - “Syncope.” It featured 13 tracks, and besides the regular album, a limited edition was published which featured never released tracks, mostly from the “Geneticide” period.

Some pics from the show:
 Me and Jenny...can't help but be silly when we're together. :-)

 More silliness...can you see my brain through my nose?

Anthony (singer)

Jay (the drummer) getting into it!

Anthony looking lost while Jay seems to be doing something inappropriate with his drumsticks...ha!

In between songs

Anthony! This is not zoomed in, he was this close to me. :-) 

Robert looks like "Dad, he just hit me!"...Jay, "Nuh uh!"

Trying to get a picture of Jay being brave...then he fell on me and on the way down hit my friend Sarah in the face! You know you've had a good time when you leave a show with battle wounds!

He dusted himself off and got back to work!

Robert looking serene

 I'm on the far left with a huge grin and you can only see half of my face. Hee hee. My friend Sarah is next to me with the spiked collar and bracelets. I think this was before she got hit in the face.

 Again on the left, dancing I think in mid blink...

My makeup look for the show. I'm wearing Morgana Cryptoria Makeup and I'm wearing clip on bangs. I think I look kinda weird. They should be longer BUT I have a huge forehead and couldn't clip them more forward to look longer. Oh well! Might just have to make my own at some point to be the right length.

Some videos of Tactical Sekt if you're interested in hearing what they sound like. They played these songs at the show. Just so you know, it's dark and noisy. :-D
My fav song "Not Entertained"



"Devils Work"
"Chosen One"



  1. Aww nice pictures :) You are so pretty.. again xD<3

  2. Love the shadows you used. The bangs are cool, too.

  3. I'm loving the super-short bangs on you!

    I'm glad you had a good time. I love seeing live shows and I wish I got to see more.

  4. I didn't believe you listen to that kind of music, but I LOVE it!

  5. I think the clip on bangs add to the whole dramatic look for the concert.
    When I was in my 20's there was a dance club like this. I loved going there. They had DEVO in concert and I went! lol

  6. Love the look! Absolutely gorgeous!! you wow me!

  7. I love tactical sekt! Thanx for the pictures!

  8. Whoa ~ I just listened to Catatonic...more like Crazy Energy! Cool, you mustve burned thousands of calories dancing, glad you had fun. If I could go see live music I would want it to be Outkast :) The short bangs arent bad at all, they are unique!

  9. Thanks awesome gals! Yeah, I do listen to this kind of music...although I don't think I look like I would. :-) Mostly guys listen to this kind of music, not girls. *shrugs*

    You saw Devo?! Ugh...I'm jealous!

    Yay! Happy to know you love them too! :-D You're welcome.

    Uma Puma,
    Most of their stuff is very high energy and thumpy, which I love. I danced like butt muscles were sore the next day! Ha!

  10. Have you heard of Angelspit? They're industrial, they're a duo group from Australia. I saw em in concert and they were aaamazing. The girl, destroyx is so awsome. I'm hoping to go see them again in March when they're going to be out here again.

  11. Hey :) If you're on facebook, add me, if you haven't already... I'm industrialwarrior, the world's biggest Tactical Sekt fan, and I'm always up for meeting more like-minded Sekt-addicts :) I've just seen the mighty Sekt at WGT a few days ago!!!!!!