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Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipsticks Now Available For Sale!

If you haven't checked out Morgana Cryptoria's new lipsticks, do it!

I already know which ones I want:

Blackberry - blackened plum with a hint of red undertone. 

Gilded Ballerina - Light pink with an intense gold sheen. 

Plumeria - red-plum with a shifting blue-green sheen. 

Shifting Violet - bright purple with a red undertone and a shifting sheen of blue-green to silver.

Sunset Peach - Light peach with a shifting sheen of gold and pink. 

Plum Crazy - Muted plum with a slight metallic finish, gold & pink shifting sheen.

See anything you like/want? How could you not?!


  1. Gilded Cerise, Strawberry, Dianthus and Plumeria - all so pretty! Too bad I just ordered some of the others.

  2. Those are some strong colors. I like the tangerine one.

    Avy /

  3. Oh my yes. I really want Gilded Cerise, Gilded Ballerina, Blackberry, and Shifting Violet. Maybe a sample of Enchanted Emerald, because it looks really cool.

  4. I'm with you on Sunset Peach, so pretty. Violet Banana is quite interesting, I could see trying that too.

    ...I'm hungry!

  5. I. want. Clay Bakin'. Now. And violet banana =) Although I don't get the name.. There is no violent present ><

  6. ***drooling*** I see many I want!!

  7. -Gilded Lime
    -Brilliant Lime
    -Enchanted Emerald
    -Shifting Violet
    -Very Strawberry
    -Plum Crazy
    -Platinum chocolate
    -Lust After Midnight
    -Gilded Brown

  8. So excited! I ordered the Gilded Ballerina and Enchanted Emerald.

  9. Wow these are all awesome, I love the tangerine and strawberry one, not a brand I'm familiar with but I'll definately be checking them out soon.

  10. I have already ordered Dianthus. I have been searching for a color like that for 10 years after finding an old lippie pallet and falling in love with a color that had gone off.

    I haven't yet tried her products so I am very excited.

  11. Awwww yeah.. I'm seeing TOO MUCH I want, haha. I really hope to try some of these soon! They look so amazing!

  12. wonderful colours! very interesting.

  13. Nice to hear what you all are wanting. I will have to try samples of some other colours. I need to step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to lipstick. I always end up using nudes and dark reds for some reason.