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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goofy pictures from Friday the 4th

My hubby took me out to eat at an Indian restaurant Friday night. YUM! I had almost no time to get ready right after work, so this was my easy evening look.

 I wore smudged black liner and swiped NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Disco Ball on top. I'm wearing Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Twinkling Rubies.

 Jason requested I wear this turtleneck (he really likes it on me for some reason). He had me pose for this, don't I look enthused? Check me out in my matchiness. My eyes, lips, shirt and drink match my decor...
Don't mind the grandma socks, I was wearing my fav knee high boots but took them off when we got home. It's been -10 degrees here so I had to wear my smartwool socks! :-)

 Maya being a sneaky ninja...trying to get to my drink! It's raspberry Sky Vodka with blueberry Izze soda. Yum! Jeez I didn't realize the serving tray was so dusty until taking this picture. But my floors are nice and shiny! :-D

 He just had to do another scary movie face...

 Jason playing his game. This is his concentrating face. Looks like he's blowing through a straw or something.

 Another concentrating face...HA! This one cracks me up!

 Pic we took before my turn to play my game Bioshock2! Weee!

I know it's late but I hope everyone had a good weekend.



  1. weekend was fun ~ in makeup life I got a MAC eye pencil in Indigo, what a wearable blue. I tried to line my waterline for the first time ever today, such a difference it makes! My fave look recently posted is the olive eyes below, nice!

  2. Lovely! Those red lips are kick ass on you.

  3. I couldn't be more impressed about your house. Your fourniture is just... Perfect. My bedroom is like the same, but without that much black, a thing I should really consider :p All the red things are so shiny and awesoome.
    I gotta learn alot about you.
    Looks like you had alot of fun with your boyfriend, and hope you had a great weekend too ;)

  4. Thank you!

    Uma Puma,
    I've only been to MAC once and never bought anything. Colouring the water line totally changes how your eyes look. Try different colours!

    Kaos Kittie,
    Aw, thank you. :-) My place is actually brown and red. No black. My husband prefers warm brown over black so that's what we went with. Red is my fav colour so I have to have a lot of it around me. :-)