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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Day Makeup Look and Outfit

So I must be honest in saying I don't really care for VD. To me it's just another day, but it's nice to use it as a reason to celebrate your relationships with the people you love. We never go all out for it.
My husband says it's a "chick Holiday" meant for dudes to buy stuff for their gals and treat them a little more than usual. I guess. *shrugs*

So my husband took me out to an Indian place (again, hee hee!), which had bellydancers for entertainment. I didn't know they would have any so it was a nice little surprise. Too bad I didn't take my camera, I'd be able to show you!

Here's what I wore:
 I LOVE this dress, but I hate that it's too tight on my arms. Dang muscles!

 Athan tried to walk by me and I couldn't resist scooping him up to pose with me.

 "Jeez, Mom! You're embarrassing me!"  My cats are my furry children. :-D

 This was my makeup look EVERY day in high school. Black winged liner and dark red or plum lipstick was my signature.

LOVE this flower. :-) case you didn't notice, I'm wearing nail polish! I just started wearing it recently after about 8 years of not wearing it.
It's a base coat, 2 coats of Avon Golden Wine and a top coat. Love red polish!

Hope you had a great VD!



  1. You look stunning as always and your cat is the perfect furry model :) xo

  2. AWWW YOU LOOK GORGEOUS SWEETY!!! Love your outfit & accessories too <3 Lovely!!!
    Hey check out my V-day look...hope you like it :)

  3. you look stunning! God you remind me of gwen stefani xx

  4. Lovely as usual! Your other model is very handsome! :D

    I hate clothes that are too tight on the arms. Makes me feel like I'm in a straight-jacket.

  5. Great outfit! Love your necklace. And your nails look great in that wine red color.

  6. I think the best thing I ever heard about VDay was "all I really hope for is some chocolate and maybe some good Thai food." It's one of the few occasions where we treat ourselves to an extra-fancy dinner.

    What lipstick is that? Please tell me it's Morgana!

  7. That lipstick looks splendid! Now I need to dig mine out of the depths of my listic-drawer again and wear it out. ;D

  8. Oh my you are so thin! You need to eat something dear.. But so beautiful<3 And I love the earings and your ring<3

  9. Thanks, ladies!

    People told me that in high school but I don't really see it.

    He is a good little guy. :-) Ugh...yeah my arms felt like sausage packed into tubes! Not a great feeling...

    So true! the lipstick is Avon Flambe. :-)

    Miss Krimson,
    No, the flower is fake. You can get it here:

    Just because I'm skinny that doesn't mean I starve myself. I DO eat very healthy and exercise regularly, which is why I have a small build. I have to eat quite a bit to keep up with my activity and I'm small because of my activity. :-D
    So don't worry about my size. I'm a healthy gal! Thank you! :-)

  10. Love the flower, the shoes and the makeup - it's a clean, simple look. Sometimes I see a tiny bit of Kate Beckensale in your look too. Rrrrrrrrr!

  11. Aw, you look gorgeous! You don't even wanna know what my make-up in high school was like D:

  12. your cat iss too cute!
    Love the look ! And welcome back to polishland ;)

  13. Thanks! I plan on just wearing nail polish on the weekends and not wearing it during the week.

  14. Love your outfit and your figure <3
    your makeup rocks as always :D

  15. Love the outfit & your makeup is Always Gorgeous!! Love your little model partner, & there is nothing wrong w/having "fur babies" lol I have 3! Btw...I LOVE your wedding rings! They are so unique!