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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Vanity, Makeup Collection and Organization

I figured it was time to share with you what my vanity looks like and how I organize my "crack".  I get that some gals see this as showing off, but I LOVE seeing your vanities, collections and how you organize it all. So I am sharing mine with you.

What my vanity looks like currently

In my old apartment, my husband made a sort of vanity for me to make the most of our space. It was really cramped but it was so wonderful and worked well for the space. I HATE standing for an hour trying to do makeup. So my husband put up a shelf at the level of the counter and I sat on the toilet to use as a vanity. :-D
Might seem totally meh but it worked out. So if you have a small place, you might be able to do something similar.

Here's my old vanity from the apartment so you can see what I started with:
This was from July of 2009. I eventually had vanity lights put up on the wall and an additional shelf to make room for more crap I got after this was taken. :-) 

This is what my new vanity looks like in my house as of today February 16, 2011. Such an improvement!!!
 Vanity is now in my room so I don't feel cramped in a crappy bathroom.

 Got this vanity chair from Marshall's and the white/clear plastic organizers from Walmart.

 Mirror, pen holder and spinning office organizer (used for brushes) were purchased from Marshall's. On the left, I have a cup from Japan and a small votive candle holder used for my eyeliners. Everyone HATES my mirror as it magnifies like crazy. But that's why I love it. Helps me create better detailed makeup when I can see it better.

 This is two drawer organizers stacked on top of each other. They were purchased from eBay and they are about $50 each depending on where you get them. I'm going to get at least one more to reorganize the rest of my Aromaleigh and Morgana Cryptoria

 Most drawers are pretty full.


 Fyrinnae shadows

 More office organizers from Marshall's used for holding palettes and my NYX and Collection 2000 glitter liners.

 Lipstick, lipgloss and miscellaneous glitter stuff. I recently ordered a lipstick/lipgloss organizer to get rid of this thing so I'll post about it when I get better organized.



 miscellaneous glitter stuff and sugarpill.

 I call this my Aromaleigh tower. This isn't even half of my Aromaleigh stuff. I'm in the process of getting more black organizers so I can put everything together and be more organized, since I don't have enough room for it all to fit in here.

 Hair clips/flowers and my sample book.

 my fav drawer

 sample book

 Of course Morgana stuff is in the front. :-D


 Aw...doesn't this make you sad?!

 All my MAC pigments/glitter. Ha!

 Large vanity drawer on the left that holds my supplies for mixing my own lip and eye shadow stuff. I use those baby cloth diapers to clean my brushes. :-)

 This is the middle drawer. Holds my eye primers, lash glue, lotions, mascara, concealer and some lippies I've made. Also holds some other basic beauty stuff in there.

Top drawer on the right: Face stuff

Bottom drawer on the right: Faux lashes

My honey bunny working hard to put it together. This thing is huge, made of real wood and HEAVY.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my makeup world and I hope the organization may give you some ideas if you are having any trouble with that. Feel free to ask any questions.



  1. I just love that! Omg I want a.. makeuptablethingy too!

  2. Your vanity is amazing! And your idea of a sample book is BRILLIANT!

  3. Wow amazing collection.

    I noticed you followed my blog, so I decided to share the love. Im following.

    You've inspried me already! My collection is still in the making and working on organizing so its perfect.

    Morgana Cryptoria, do you have to order online?

  4. Nice stash.

    I love that black organizer, something like that would be perfect for my stuff.

  5. such a joy looking at your makeup collection. I find it also really interesting,especially when the person has a lot of products ;)
    no wonder you make such beautiful looks :)

  6. What an awesome collection and storage! I love it! Gorgeous hair flowers, I love those too :)

  7. amazing collection!!! i whish i could have all those product, but i only have a single drawer. :(

  8. Wow, I´m amazed by how much stuff you have. But it´s pretty and organized. Congrats to that ;)

  9. OMG! I love your sample binder!

  10. aww how sweet ur other half really is so sweet, bless!

    Love ur vanity, so organised! wish i had space for a propa set up

    love these posts!

    thanks for sharin hun xxx

  11. My only question is.... When can I move in?!? lol I would have a field day with all of your fantastic makeup! Great job!

  12. Great organization! I *love* the black drawer organizers.

  13. Maybe one day I can move off from toilet to bedroom to do my make up. Love the vanity and your bedroom looks nice otherwise too :)

  14. What an improvement! Everything is so well organized and coordinated. I love the colors and theme of the room. Quite an upgrade!

  15. I don't think of this as bragging. Women hold up half the world. We work hard and take care of our families, the least we deserve is to feel pretty and to have nice things.

  16. I love the vanity's feel! Heavy and woody, mmm.
    Thank you for sharing your collection, loving every part of it - favorite part was definitely your hair accessories drawer!

  17. I LOVE the idea of using cloth diapers to clean brushes! Eco friendly and cleaver. Thanks for sharing...

  18. Aw, that was a blissful 5 mins I just spent nosing into your life right there!

  19. Beautiful setup, I'm so envious! I'm still in the cramped bathroom stage lol. :(

  20. So organized!!! I loves it! And in picture 1 I automatically was wondering if it was Aromaleigh in the white tower so it was funny to read that it was! Go me! :)
    I also love seeing other people's setup. I don't think it's bragging at all. If people don't wanna see it, they don't have to look :D

  21. So pretty and tidy!! My make up is cramped in my apartment's bathroom just like yours was before lol!
    Maybe I'll get a nice vanity like you did when I move out of my parent's ;)

  22. I love your sample book! I had a few baggies but I transferred them to jars because I couldn't think of way to store those baggies. I might just switch back! I love how they look in the book, hehe!

  23. ur vanity is awesome! I wish I had that much stuff! U have all the goods, lol :D

  24. Holy lipgloss Batman! Thank you for sharing :)

  25. Wow, such a beautiful setup. I love your organization skills! I am in a tiny bathroom and need to setup a new station. I have too many of the plastic organizers piled up on the too small sink! Those 2 black organizers are so beautiful! Drooling over them. I think I am going to have to hit up ebay for one or two!
    Thank you for showing us!

  26. I love organisation stuff, I watch a ton of videos on youtube all about the way people have their setup. I've been chopping and changing mine for ages, got it fairly organised now but i'm wanting more storage drawers!

    Nice post :)
    Linsay x

  27. I especially love those thin black drawers with glitter and fyrinnae pots in. So pretty! x

  28. Omg omg omg, I waaants your entire room! So gorgeous!! I also love solid wood furniture, so :). Also, make up stash is CRAZY, I would also like to steal all of that! X3

  29. Thank you! Glad you all like the set up. :-)

    I got my sample pages from eBay:

    I think I bought 50 pages for a decent amount. They really help and it's a lot easier to find colours when in a binder. :-D

  30. I love seeing people's set-ups! Your collection is awesome :D

  31. Fabulous stash! And all the pretty Aromaleigh samples do make me sad. :'(

  32. I love seeing how people organize their stash (like many commenters here :D ) and I think this might be one of my favourite ones!

    The stash itself! The organization! The chair and the candle-stands, oh, the forged iron of it all :D !

  33. Beautiful , I love Your collection =)

  34. OMG! This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen! I am going to have to get on of those black drawer systems to hold my eyeshadows. Thanks for sharing this! I can't believe I just found it. You totally ROCK!