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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yellow/Golden Green, Blue and Turquoise Makeup look with Sobe Botanicals

This is a look I did yesterday. I'm still feeling really crummy and I'm surprised I don't look sick at all in these pictures. I can't sleep because I can't stop coughing up gross stuff. I know it needs to come out otherwise I'd take something to help the cough. Doing this look took much longer than it normally would have because I had to pause to turn away and cough in my elbow every couple minutes. Bleh. Go away evil cold of death!

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (applied to upper lid, blending in gently with ring finger)
Sobe eye primer (applied all around the eyes patting then rubbing in gently with ring finger) 
Sobe - Twinkle (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping)
Sobe - Going Bananas (applied to inner corner with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
Sobe - Nymph-O (applied to outer lower lash line and winged out with MAC 266)
Sobe - After Midnight (applied to outer lid and crease with MAC 217 by patting)
Sobe - Dragon Scales (applied to middle of lid with MAC 217 by patting)
Sobe - Pacific (applied to inner lid and blended into the crease with MAC 217)
Sobe - Poison Apple (applied to inner lower lash line with MAC 266)
Kryolan Aqua Color liner - black (applied wet with water, using MAC 210 on upper lash line)  
BH Cosmetics Gel Liner - Lake (water line)
Cover Girl Volume exact mascara in Very Black (lower lashes)
Ardell lashes - #113

Eyebrows: Ardell brow powder in soft black (applied with MAC 266)

Lips: Sobe Botanicals lipgloss - Reflections

Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion
Sobe Powder Foundation - Light Neutral (applied by lightly patting it on with a damp cosmetic sponge)
Sobe Tinted Illusionist Powder (applied with a large powder brush) 
Sobe Bronszer - Summer Fling (applied to cheek bones and blending back toward the hair line)


  1. love it i need to try something like that .

  2. Marshmellow root ((Althaea officinalis plant) tea is best thing you can get to speed-up the coughing out of weird stuff in your respiratory system.

  3. Wow, it's so flawless! Well done. I also really like your necklace :)

  4. This is a lovely look, loving the middle lid shade especially! Feel better soon!

  5. Beautiful!!! :) your lips are so sensual!

  6. Ah, the old elbow cough! My other half always looks at me funny when I do that! You look so pretty here, I like nude lips on you :)

  7. Even when you are sick, you look incredibly beautiful.

  8. Another stunning look. I love how the gold in concentrated on the middle of the eye. That lip gloss is pretty special, too.

  9. Sooo pretty! The colors go really well with your eye color. Hope you feel well soon! I was sick over the holidays as well, have you tried Mucinex? It helps thin the mucous so you cough it all up (gross but helps!)

  10. Bleh for being sick, it really doesn't show through in the pictures and I think I must have that lipgloss.

  11. Oooh wee, your eyes look so brown and exotic, I want dragon scales now, feel bettah!

  12. I wish I looked this good when feeling sick ;) great colour combination, you look beautiful. I hope you feel better soon!