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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lunar Eclipse Eye Makeup Picture Tutorial

Here's the tutorial for the Lunar Eclipse look I did recently.

Click below for tutorial.

Start with applying your favourite anti-crease primer (I used Coastal Scents Shadow Worx). Then apply Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Take a large shadow brush and apply Morgana Cryptoria's Snowsheen (matte white) to outer half of lid by patting.

With a small angled taklon brush, wet with water, then apply Morgana Cryptoria's All Holos-Gleam to the outer lower lash line and work your way out and up, creating a semi cut crease.

Use a small shadow brush and apply more All Holos-Gleam to outer crease by patting then blending.

Using the same small angled taklon brush, apply All Holos-Gleam to inner corner with a fine point, working outward.

Apply Morgana Cryptoria's Mystic Midnight to inner lid by patting, then blending outward onto Showsheen, keeping the edge cut.

With a large blending brush, apply Morgana Cryptoria's Snowsheen under the brow by patting and working your way downward.  Be careful not to blend the cut edge of the inner shadows.

At this point I decided to connect to inner and the outer shadows by using the small angled taklon brush and applying more All holos-Gleam to the inner crease and blending to meet the outer crease.

With a small shadow brush, apply Morgana Cryptoria's Ethereal Veil just below the inner corner by patting and gently blending outward.

Apply more All Holos-Gleam to outer cut crease for a deeper look and blend well.

Apply black liner to upper lash line and to water line. For the lash line, I used my FAV liquid liner, Kryalon Aqua color liner in black and used a small liner brush like MAC 210. For the water line, I used BH Cosmetics gel liner in Onyx with a small angled taklon brush.

To finish the look, apply your favourite mascara. I used Avon's Super shock mascara in black.

Then you are complete! If you have any questions, please let me know!


  1. Hiya, hun....Love this look its beautiful, in fact all your looks are beautiful!!. I wanted to ask if you have the Aromaleigh Lost in Fearie Collection? or the Spells Collection? I have both collections but stuck on ideas for looks and wondered if you could do some looks with these collections ( any colors ) I have brown eyes like you so we are lucky enough to be able to wear all colors. I sent you a messege on Facebook about your YTube channel for the application videos...Can you let me no the name of your channel. Thanks love!! Jo xxx

  2. Your picture tutorials are always appreciated!

  3. OH WAIT! I just made a comment on your other blog but it looks like this is more update XD Love your eyes and eyebrows! So cute omg

  4. Love it, I'm going to try this with different colours. :D

  5. very helpful tutorial , thanks for sharing it . you have a pretty good brow arch.

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial :) I am definitely going to try and practice, your looks are so awesome!

  7. This is an amazing look. Thank you so much for doing a tutorial for it!