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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winged eyeliner Tutorials

So here are the eyeliner tutorials. I had to redo the original ones I did because I was seriously talking like a goofball, joking too much and making the weirdest faces. I would watch them after recording and think, "OMG did I just say that and make a 'bitter beer face'? I'm so deleting this!!!" That is my personality but it ate up a lot of time. So I tried to think of a better way to make the videos as short as possible while still showing how/what I do. I decided to put most of my info into writing and reduce my talking to what I feel is most necessary, to avoid scaring you all. I'm sure a lot of you would appreciate my dorkiness, but I know some would be irritated with it. Hee hee. I do make some verbal booboos but I left those in because I'm not too much of a perfectionist. And I think videos without natural human error can look rather rehearsed. I wasn't nervous which helped. But like most people, I worried about the sound of my voice, it's a little deep. And I was worried that my husband might barge in here, tackle me and start humping my head or something weird. BUT he was very understanding and did not bother me at all. Instead, he played the PS3. They are good babysitters aren't they? ;-P   Oh, and I'm wearing hardly any makeup so you'll see my almost natural look (my psoriasis, acne and all!)...and in one of the videos, one of my cats is digging in my packaging materials so you can hear it in the background. :-)
Now onto the videos!


The first thing I think of when telling someone how to apply eyeliner is RELAX. A steady hand is very important as well as a relaxed eye area and face. I do my best not to squint my eyes or scrunch up my face (I do leave my mouth open a bit at times, which is a relaxed state). I DO NOT pull my eye area to the side when applying. I think I mention that in the videos but I see so many girls doing this and it's not necessary to do. I think it's better to learn how to apply makeup without having to contort your face. It really can change the outcome of how it looks. So I don't do that.
Also, when applying I try to be gentle and not press really hard. I've seen videos of gals putting on their makeup and I'm in pain just from watching them press, sweep and poke really hard at their eyes. Holy cow it looks painful! It's another unnecessary thing to do. You shouldn't press so hard that it pulls your skin from side to side.

Here's what I used for the first video:

-Stars Makeup Haven - Unzipped (matte black pressed powder):

-MAC Dupe #266 angled brush (to apply on the lash line):

-MAC Dupe #210 thin brush (to apply the detailed wing):


The reason I did 2 videos is because I feel it's easier to learn with powder liner (although everyone is different and may not feel the same as I do). Also, powder liner is great when you want to do a softer liner look. But for those days when you want intense winged/cat eyeliner, liquid is the way to go! So you have both to watch and try for yourself and see which you like. I do both all the time.

Here's what I used for the second video:

-Kryolan Aquacolor wet makeup in black (this is my FAV liner ever!):

-MAC dupe #210 thin brush (this is the only brush used for this one):

-Water (you will need about a drop per eye to mix with the liner)


Once you have the basics, it will basically come down to practicing to develope skill and technique. I've been wearing winged eyeliner since I was 11 or 12 because that is how my mom always did hers. That's about 13 years of practice and on top of that, I was an art nerd (I painted and drew a lot for years, which REALLY helps with makeup skills). So don't beat yourself up if you don't get it right away. It will take time and eventually, you will be rockin' some mad skills. :-)
I hope these videos are helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

Next I will work on a glitter application tutorial for those of you who keep asking me how I apply it. :-) I use a few different things and will share them all with you so you can do it too!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I can't get these to work for some reason. Do I need to use a different browser...hmm...

  2. Yes, you can try using a different browser. If you still have issues, let me know. I could email them to you if you'd like.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to do these. I am in awe of your skills. :)

  4. I use the same Kryolan color for my eyeliner too!!!

  5. woohoo! Thanks for the videos! And I thank your husband for not head humping you. That would have been hard to explain to my man why one minute I'm watching a makeup vid and the next a head is being humped lol

  6. nkaneko,
    No problem. You are welcome! I hope they are helpful!

    Awesome! It's the best isn't it?!

    You are welcome. :-) He has been thanked. He did walk in a few times. "Hey, are you doing your videos still?" Yes, now get out! I should make a bloopers video...heh heh.

  7. OMG, Blix, these are FANTASTIC! Thank you!

  8. kayeffjay,
    You are welcome! I hope they are helpful to you. :-D

  9. Hiya, are these videos still available? Am getting a 404 error when selecting the link. Thanks!