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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Um...yeah...this sucks...

So it turns out that I am sick. I feel like total crap and am having a hard time focusing on anything. When your job depends on creativity, it's really hard to work when you don't feel well. So I could only imagine that if I attempted to put makeup on, it would look like a 4 year old put makeup on a zombie. *cringe*
I've been up since 7 and have managed to get nothing done. Yay! Not...
I'm already behind on reading/commenting on your blogs. I'm getting behind on work as well. So I think I won't post any looks for a while until I feel better and am caught up on many things.
I will get back to posting looks soon. Please keep your fingers crossed that I will be well by my birthday!
I hope you all are doing great.



  1. Awww! I hope that you do get better soon! I hate getting sick becuase I have to go to school everyday and well, I don't function well in english class when I'm sick

  2. Ack I'm sorry you're sick! I spent all weekend ill, so I'm wishing you a speedy recovery pretty lady.


  3. Feel better and rest well! ^^ Looking forward to seeing pretty new looks from you again soon.

  4. Get well soon! Being sick is no fun.

  5. Ahhh I hope you get well for your birthday! I know how it is to be sick on my bday :(

    Just wondering, what kind of job do you have? You can leave out specific details, I was just curious because of the creativity aspect. Hope that question wasnt too stalkerish :P