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Saturday, February 20, 2010

1920's Masquerade Silver Smokey Look of the night!

The night started out a little weird. I was tired and not feeling like going out too much but went out anyway. We find that those are the times you need to get out the most. For the theme, I came up with a flapper outfit, wore a fingerwave wig (people thought it was my real hair!) and made a mask to wear. The wig didn't come looking like that. I had to mess with it a bit and made a cute spit curl on the front because I LOVE them. I'm also wearing Aromaleigh Drama Queen Liner in Silver, all around my eyes.
Oh yes, I put false lashes on it!

I took the pics of me above in my bathroom that has red there is redness obviously
Me farting around with photoshop. Wanted to make it look like it was actually from the 20's. :-)

Me in my hallway. There are some star lanterns hanging against the wall behind me. Jas took pictures not even trying to make sure they were outta the I looked like a I had a star sticking out of my head. I had to crop it out!

Me and my hubby, Jason before heading out

Me and Jason 

Us again

and again...

Jeff and his magical ball of light (camera flash). He looks like he's thinking, "take that bitches!"

I totally look like I'm checking out Jennifer's boobs! I was checking out the dress tho! I swear!

I'm really excited!

Me and my mask

Jeff and his ball of light from below

Jeff wearing his mask

Um...can someone PLEASE tell me WTF that chick is wearing in the background?!

Jason, his gasmask and my mask

christian wearing my mask with Jason

Dawna and Jennifer getting down

Samantha and Steve

Becky and Samantha

Me and Samantha

Um...Beeto and Steve...


Jennifer looking creeping in the background and Beeto in Christian's arms




Jeff and Jennifer


Becky and Christian with some sparkly demon girl in the background

Hey kid, do you want some candy? I'm actually

Me stalking Becky's bum...I look like Golem from LOTR. I wantsssss precccciooooussss...

AP and Beeto. Probably the best picture ever! Looks like the force of him jumping in her arms blew her hair back!


I was cold...very cold...and apparently that makes me crazy and makes Jeff angry

Jas, me and Jeff
Holy crap it was a fun night! I only slept about 5 hours last night. I know I should be in bed right now but I have a really hard time sleeping in, even on the weekends. I'm a weirdo morning and night person. If I never had to sleep, I wouldn't.

What did you do Friday night?


  1. lol those pictures are pretty awesome and you look HAWT LADY!! The one with the almost naked chick in the background is hilarious, I wouldn't have even noticed it if you hadn't said anything lol
    And YAY photoshop playage! :)

  2. You looked amazing! Perfect makeup and LOVE the lips!

  3. Oh my gosh, you look AMAZING! I love 20's hair, I would die to have a head full of fingerwaves! Everything about your makeup looks so 20's I just love it. LOL@ the girl wearing panties in the background, wth.

    I'm a morning and night person too, I don't sleep much. Last night I had a couple of my friends stay the night who I don't see as much since I dropped a bunch of my classes, and we caught up and did nails and got slushies. It was really nice :)

  4. LOL those ball of light photos are HILARIOUS.

    I love what you did with the wig, and that style really suits you :)

  5. KittenMittens,
    Why thank you! Hee hee. I know, we were all like, "OMG what is she wearing...or what is show NOT wearing?" There was another girl who was also basically in her underwear. And she danced like a total idiot. I normally don't make fun of people's dancing. But when you are almost nekkid and you dance so much like a freak that people can't look away, then you deserve to be made fun of...

    Thank you sweet lady!

    Thank you. :-) I love 20's stuff. I got so many compliments that I know I need to wear the wig again and often.

    Glad I'm not the only one. I go to bed super late and wake up super early. Just how my body operates. Very annoying when I'm not sleeping well though!

    Hee hee they are funny! Thank you, me too. I need to wear it more often!

  6. Gorgeous look! Love that wig on you :)

  7. Bebo,
    Thanks! I will have to wear it again. I love it!