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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Swatches!

My extra time today allowed me to do the swatches so here they are. I realize I picked up a lot of very similar colours but I swatched them all for you anyway.

Colour descriptions taken from the Hi-Fi etsy store:
HAIL CAESAR - a very pale champagne-beige. Pearl finish with no sparkle...very elegant.
BIG SHOT - a sparkly primary blue that goes on super-bright with a base, or sheer (but still somewhat bright) on bare skin. This is a great color for those of you who want to try something really bright but want to stay on the sheer side. It's also for Color Junkies like me who adore that bright pop of color!
POLKA DOT BIKINI - a pale neon yellow with lots of gold sparkles! Looks awesome paired with OBSESSED and/or RAID THE KING shadows! (Look for those in a separate listing.)
SEXY THING - a bright pinkish red with lots of sparkle! AWESOME. This color is VERY pigmented and can stain light colored fabrics, so handle with care!
CRASH AROUND ME - a water-like teal! GORGEOUS color!
MILLIONS OF PEACHES - a lovely peach color with pinkish tones when the light hits it. Lots of gold and orange sparkles! You can't miss out on this color!
CRAZY LITTLE THING - a bright metallic teal with turquoise sparkles! Shimmers like the Caribbean!
NIGHT FEVER - a deep gray with TONS of sparkle!! One of my faves!
UNIVERSE OF FEAR - a very unique color... Deep, dark green with a surprise pink sparkle! Interesting!
CRIPPLED PLAYTHING - a cool, medium green with icy shimmer!
HOT ROD - the reddest shade we've got! This color, named after my awesome friend Rod, is truly HOT!
OLD-FASHIONED FASCISM - a sheer golden nude. Wonderful highlight shade!
BUTTERCUP - a rich yellow-gold with golden shimmer. Fabulous!
DILUTED - a rich yellow-gold with golden shimmer. Fabulous!
CALIFORNIA GIRL - couldn't find this one listed...
THINGS THAT CANNOT SPEAK - a deep magenta hue with lots of fuschia and indigo glitters. My daughter Julia created this one!
FEAR THE NOBODIES - a metallic olive shade with a bronzey undertone. LOTS of shimmer!
DIRTY WORD WITCHCRAFT - a sheer black with color-shifting iridescence! Dark and mysterious...
WAR CHILD - is an amazing pale gold...almost looks like liquid metal on the skin!!!
TELL ME LIES - a pearly golden white...absolutely GORGEOUS highlight color!
ADAGIO - a light, sparkling copper with AMAZING flecks of shimmer. Soft, but SO GLAM!!!
IN BLOOM - a gorgeous hot pink with a little sparkle! The color is sheer when used on bare skin, but it REALLY pops on top of a primer!!
BAD SEED - an ultra-sparkly olive tone with lots of gold glitter! My 5-year old daughter invented this one, and it is my absolute FAVORITE! Too bad they have child labor laws, or she would work for me full-time!!! Haha! (Totally kidding, by the way...)
POINTLESS INTERVENTION - a bronzey orange-coral with TONS of golden shimmer!
MIRACLE MILE - a shimmering rose with pale, multi-dimensional sparkle.
EAT ME, DRINK ME - a cool lavender with a golden interference and tons of shimmer!
DON'T FORGET THE VIOLENCE - couldn't find this one listed...
SWIMMING THROUGH THE ASHES - a gorgeous teal-gray. It's mostly sheer shimmer, but can build up to an opaque metallic. Beautiful!
BRANDY - (named after one of my best friends in the world!) is an amazing lavender-pink with tons of shimmer!! My friend Brandy loves fairies and ethereal, mythical creatures, and this color reminded me of her so much. :)
FIVE O'CLOCK - a deep metallic rose with glittery silver flecks. AMAZING!
QUEEN OF DISASTER - a stunning bright blue with silver glitter! This color was totally the idea of my friend Em, so I have to give credit where credit is due!!! This shade is truly amazing!!!
ALIVE - couldn't find this one listed...
PINS & NEEDLES - a bright, pearly pink...a little on the soft side.
PUSSYCAT - a super-glitzy purple/pink that shines like no other! LOVE.
THE SULTAN - a glittery sandy-gold color that is absolutely AMAZING. A neutral color that screams "PARTY TIME!"
RICH GIRL - a MEGA-glitzy champagne pink! Makes me think of Paris Hilton or something...which is NOT where the name comes from, but it helps. Haha!
TWIST AND SHOUT - a color shifting shade reminiscent of goldfish scales. It has a peachy orange base with lime green iridescence and lots of sparkle! It's tame enough for day, but fun enough for a night out... You'll love this color!
BOOM SHAKA LAKA - couldn't find this one listed...
BALLAD - couldn't find this one listed...
PROMISCUOUS - a color shifting pink with lots of purple interference. This color is AMAZING!
I swatched these on bare skin. Colours from left to right are: Bad Seed, War Child, The Sultan, Twist & Shout, Adagio, California Girl, Old-Fashioned Fascism, Diluted, Ballad, Tell Me Lies
 Natural light above

With Flash

Colours from left to right are: Dirty Word Witchcraft, Raven, Night Fever, Five O'Clock, Sexy Thing, Hot Rod, Miracle Mile, Millions of Peaches, Rich Girl, Dirty, Fear The Nobodies
Natural light above

With Flash
Colours from left to right are: 'Eat me, Drink Me', Things that cannot Speak, Pussycat, Promiscuous, Brandy, In Bloom, Pins & Needles, Pointless Intervention, Alive, Buttercup, Polka Dot Bikini

Natural light

with flash
Colours from left to right are: Midnight Runner, Universe of Fear, Book Shaka Laka, The Cyanide you Drank, Crippled Plaything, Swimming Through Ashes, Queen of Disaster, Big Shot, Don't Forget the Violence, Crash Around me, Crazy Little Thing

Natural Light above

with flash
Hope these are helpful in deciding which colours you would like to get. See anything you like or have?

You can purchase them here: Hi- Fi Cosmetics


  1. OMGGGG fear the nobodies looks amazing. It reminds me of L'Oreal HIP duo (gold side) in gilted. I LOVE that color and I've been looking for a dupe. thanks!

  2. In Bloom, Promiscuous, Things that Cannot Speak = colors I have and love.
    Brandy looks nice.

  3. I love those colors... her eyeshadow are fabulous. I also have to add she is probably one of the nicest people who is creating colors. She even answers questions, about any make up.
    i have one of her discontinued colors- Cold, and also Things That Cannot Speak and Punk Rocker. I need her color Butterfly Wings.

  4. wowwweeee you were busy!
    IwantIwantIwant Everything from the first row (omgshimmer) Fear The Nobodies, In Bloom, Polka Dot Bikini, and The Cyanide You Drank.

  5. OMG Fear the Nobodies looks even better and crazier swatched than it did in the little baggie. Metallic goodness <3

  6. This is very helpful since I've been thinking about purchasing from her -- thanks for the swatches!

  7. Beautiful swatches! I have to say this bright orange called Alive caught my eye immediately.:)

  8. WoW! So many beautiful colors! O_O i want them all! :D

  9. Y,
    It is gorgeous! Glad the swatches helped!

    those are great ones. I can't wait to wear them.

    Oh I totally agree with you! She is super sweet and helpful. So with that on top of great eyeshadows, it's an all around great experience to deal with her. :-)

    I sure was! those are all awesome. Just trying to figure out what type of look to wear first!

    totally! I will do a look with it soon!

    You're welcome!

    It caught mine too. I'll have to do some crazy vibrant look with it.

    Hee hee. Go get them! The price is a amazing!